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Jeep & Truck Buyer's Guides, Reviews, Expert Opinions, & More

This is your one stop hub to our collection of useful Jeep & truck buyers guides, reviews, expert opinions, installation techniques, directories, and much more. Find useful articles or videos on the industry's leading lift kits & suspensions, tonneau covers, tires, wheels, and more.

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Back to TopDrivetrain & Differential Glossary of Terms

A glossary of terms for various drivetrain-related items including Axle Shafts, Ball Joints, Differentials, Gaskets, Lockers, Pinion Gears, Shims, Steering Knuckles, and more.

Buyer's Guides
Drivetrain Glossary
Ring and Pinion
Axles, Axles Assemblies, Differentials Ring and Pinion - June 2011 Buyers Guide

Videos: N/A

Back to TopJeep & Truck Lift Kits and Lift Kit Suspensions

You see them all the time: light trucks, sport utility vehicles, and Jeeps coasting down the highway sitting atop towering suspension lift kits and sporting a set of tires so big that a person could live in them. If you’re looking to install a Jeep or truck lift kit on your own rig, we can help you with the important questions like “How do I get my ride to do that?”and "Why should my ride do that?"

Leveling Kits Guide
Lift Kits and Lift Kit Suspension Basics
Shock Absorbers: Tech Overview of Off Road Shocks Superlift Suspension Lift Kits for Chevy 1/2-Ton Pickup Trucks
Jeep Suspension - Pro Comp, SkyJacker, Daystar - April 2011 Buyer's Guide

Buyer's Guides
New Truck & Jeep Suspension Lift Kits - 2011 Lift Kits Buyer's Guide

Leveling Kits - Which One is Right for You?

Back to TopJeep & Truck Performance Parts

Your mechanic is always suggesting an upgraded air filter and other performance parts that he says will make a huge difference. While you may think he's just trying to sell you more stuff, it's actually true. Jeep and truck performance parts like air intake systems, exhausts, and tuners improve fuel mileage, saving you money in the long run by spending less on gas.

Fuel Saving Products & Fuel Saving Tips
Air Intake Systems - Truck Parts for Power Performance
Banks Performanc's New iQ Device
MBRP Exhaust Systems – An Off-Roader's Best Friend

Buyer's Guides
Going Green - Fuel Efficient Truck Accessories - Save Gas
Programmers & Electronics
4 Wheel Parts/Greg Adler Performance Package

Ford Packages
Chevy/GMC Packages
Dodge Ram Packages
Jeep Packages
Truck & Jeep Performance Packages - May 2011 Performance Buyer's Guide

How to Install a Banks PDA Tuner
How to Install an aFe Air Intake System

Back to TopJeep & Truck Tires and Wheels

When putting together your Jeep or truck tire and wheel package, the choices seem endless. First you have to choose between steel or cast alloy wheels, and then you have to pair them with tires that will be just right for the terrains you plan on tackling. If all goes well and you have the information to make the right decision, you'll be driving away on a sick set of tires and wheels that will tear through whatever obstacles you put in front of them.

Choosing the Right Off Road Tires
Choosing the Right Truck Wheels
Jeep Tires and Top Rated Jeep Tire Brands
Reading a Tire Sidewall
Tire & Wheel Information -; Glossary of Terms
Tire Packages: Build a Tire Package at 4 Wheel Parts
Wheel Dimensions: Wheel Backspacing and Wheel Offset Dick Cepek Tires: A Foundation in Off-Roading
Truck & Jeep Tires - March 2011 Buyer's Guide

Videos: N/A

Back to TopJeep Tops

If you've ever worried about leaving your things in your Jeep and coming back to find them either ruined from the weather or missing, you're not alone. Luckily, there's a simple solution: Jeep tops. Whether you choose a soft top, hard top, or something more minimal, these are essential Jeep parts to have even if you don't use them the whole year. Spend a little money and save yourself the heartache and extra cost of replacing your valuable cargo.

Preparing for Winter with the Right Truck & Jeep Accessories

Videos: N/A

Back to TopTonneau Covers & Truck Bed Covers

If you think you can't afford to invest in a tonneau cover right now, we can show you many reasons why you can't afford not to make that investment. Not only will it keep valuable items in your truck bed safe and secure from sticky fingers and wet weather, but it will also reduce wind drag to improve your gas mileage. Get help every step of the way from choosing between different tonneau covers to installing your final pick.

Buyer's Guides:
Buyer’s Guide - Tonneau Covers, Side Steps, Billet Grilles

Choosing the Right Tonneau Cover Style for your Truck
Tonneau Cover -; A Buyer's Guide to Various Tonneau Covers
Tonneau Cover Basics: Tonneau Covers Look Great & Offer Protection
Why do I need a Tonneau Cover?

How to Install a Pace Edwards Retractable Tonneau Cover
How to Install a RollBak G2 Tonneau Cover on a Chevy
How to Install a Truxedo Deuce Tonneau Cover
Installing a BakFlip Tonneau Cover in Less Than 30 Seconds
Installing an Extang Trifecta Tonneau Cover -; No Tools Required
Installing a RollBak G2 Tonneau Cover on a Toyota Tacoma
Truxedo Lo Pro QT -; A Tonneau Cover that Fits Your Truck & Life
TruXedo TruXport Tonneau Cover Installation

Back to TopJeep & Truck Winches

Did you know that in an emergency recovery situation you can use a Hi-Lift jack to winch out your vehicle? Of course it will be a lot more effort that just using one of the many great Jeep and truck winches currently on the market. Whichever option you choose, we're here to show you how you can use that jack for urgent winching, or provide tips to decide which electric, hydraulic, industrial, or ATV winch is right for you.

Electric Winches: All About the Electric Winch
Upgrading your Winch from Wire to Synthetic Rope

Choosing the Right Winch for Your Vehicle with 4 Wheel Parts
Hi-Lift Off-Road Kit -; The Materials You Need to Winch with a Hi-Lift Jack
Winching with the Hi-Lift Jack

Back to TopMiscellaneous Jeep & Truck Accessories

An off-roader's job is never done. There's always some new Jeep or truck part that you can't wait to install on your vehicle. Here are some tips on how to make the most out of your vehicle with all the Jeep and truck accessories you could possibly imagine.

4 Wheel Parts: Lift Kits, Winches, & More
Preparing for Winter with the Right Truck & Jeep Accessories

Buyer's Guides
New Towing Products
The 4x4 Enthusiast's Guide to Better Gas Mileage
Truck & Jeep Bumpers & Bumper Accessories - February 2011 Buyer's Guide
Jeep & Truck Lighting Buyer's Guide
2018 Jeep Wrangler JL Accessories & Parts - Latest JL Photos & Videos

4 Types of Auxiliary Lights
Hi-Lift Jack Accessories to Get the Job Done Quicker & More Efficiently
Hi-Lift Jack is so Tough, It Can Act as the Jaws of Life
Hi-Lift Lift-Mate -; The Easiest Way to Clear Rocks Trapping a Vehicle
Keep a Hi-Lift Jack Functioning for Years with Storage Tips from 4 Wheel Parts
Protect Your Hi-Lift Jack for Years to Come with These Maintenance Tips
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