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Retrax Retrax PRO MX Retractable Bed Covers

RetraxPRO MX bed covers are made with heavy-duty aluminum slats covered in a matte powder coat, giving them the strength to support distributed loads of more than 500 pounds! The RetraxPRO MX features a limited lifetime warranty, meaning you'll never have to worry about your bed cover once you have it installed.


BAKFlip MX4 Hard Folding Truck Bed Covers

The MX4 Truck bed cover is incredibly easy to use. Open the cover, secure it in place with the included struts, and gain access to nearly 100% of your bed. While not in use, the struts rest in upgraded rod clips. The MX4 includes enhanced rubber bumpers, which prevent the cover from scratching your truck's cab while open.


Extang Solid Fold 2.0 Tonneau Covers

Extangs all new folding hard lid tonneau cover. Installs in seconds!! No tools required. Fastest installation and removal of any hard tonneau on the market. Tonneau is completely assembled, no spare parts or tools required. Ultra strong, yet lightweight!


Tonneau Covers & Truck Bed Covers

Tonneau covers protect cargo, stylize your truck, and even reduce wind drag while driving. There are several types of tonneau covers available to fit any need. Choose from soft roll-up tonneaus, hard and soft folding tonneaus, retractable tonneaus, hard tonneaus and contractors rack combos. We have all the top brands including Extang, BAK, Truxedo, Lund, & other tonneau cover manufacturers. Everyone has that idea in their head of exactly how they want their truck to look. Most of the time, these perfect looks involve a slick tonneau cover. Nothing adds to the polish and style of a pickup like one of these bed covers. carries some of the best brands out there, and at industry-leading prices. Search through our catalog and find the perfect match of value and style for your next tonneau cover. Black Friday may only come once a year, but every day is a sale at We match any approved competitor's price when you shop with us.

Choose the Right Style
Outfitting your cargo area might require more than just a cover. For example, truck bed mats and liners are a popular choice. Truck bed covers have less of a visual impact than a tonneau topper, but they're important if you want to preserve the condition of your vehicle. They take all kinds of cuts, bumps and dings that would otherwise damage your original equipment. That damage is unsightly, lowers your vehicle's value and might even lead to rust. The great thing about these bed covers it that they're relatively inexpensive for the protective value they provide. When they get beat up, simply order a new one and get that new truck feeling back.

Extra Security Layers
A tonneau cover isn't just about style. For many people, it's an essential security accessory. While these don't provide the same level of break-in prevention as other upgrades, such as locking metal tool storage, they do have an indispensable deterrent effect. Most thieves go for easy pickings, and they're unlikely to attempt to break through a tonneau cover if they don't know what they're going to find. All of the equipment we offer at is just as sturdy and secure as you expect from the top brands that manufacture it. Place your order today and get one step closer to the truck of your dreams.

All Categories

Cargo Area Light Whether you use your truck, Jeep or SUV for work or play, it’s easy to lose track of time. When the sun is gone but you need to find that specific piece of cargo, you need a cargo area light from 4 Wheel Parts. Grab a pair of low or high-strength LED lights from Rigid Industries or the eight-piece TruXedo B-Light Tonneau Lighting System for maximum visibility as you navigate through your belongings at night. Made of durable materials that protect against damage from the elements and loose cargo, every cargo area light for truck beds that we offer makes for a more convenient and enjoyable ride. Shop our affordable options now.

Tailgate Locks

Tailgate Mat Excellent cargo space is just one of the reasons you chose your truck—now make that space even better with tailgate mats for truck beds. 4 Wheel Parts has a number of tailgate mats to protect your truck bed surface as well as the tools, gear and other cargo you put on top of it. Load and unload, do your work and even just hang out in the back with a Bedrug tailgate mat that features a comfortable cushioned surface. Tired of worrying about every turn, swerve or bump in the road leading to overturned or damaged cargo? Shop for your skid, slip and spill-resistant tailgate mat from 4 Wheel Parts today.

Tailgate Seal

Tonneau Cover When you haul valuable cargo in your truck’s bed, you want to hide it from prying eyes and protect it from road hazards. You may also want to make your rig more aerodynamic by installing a cover over its bed. At, we have a huge selection of tonneau covers. Since the covers in our inventory are available in a variety of styles, colors, finishes and materials, we have the perfect cover for your rig. Choose a Smittybilt Smart Cover soft folding tonneau cover for easy installation and removal. Or, opt for an Undercover Tonneau Covers FLEX hard folding tonneau cover for a more solid bed cover. Either way, don’t wait to upgrade your truck. Instead, check out our parts selection and order a new cover today.

Tonneau Cover/Truck Bed Rack Kit

Tonneau Cover Toolbox Your truck is a tremendously versatile vehicle. Still, if you want to improve its utility and enhance its look, installing a tonneau cover is a smart upgrade. Here at, we have a large selection of toolboxes, each of which is designed to integrate seamlessly with your modified truck. That selection includes the popular BAK BAKBox 2 tonneau cover toolbox, made to keep equipment dry and secure. We also proudly sell the TruXedo TonneauMate toolbox. This option sits off your truck’s bed, giving you access to the entire space. Whichever toolbox you choose, you always win when you let us be your partner in the truck parts and accessories business. Shop our vast inventory and order your new toolbox today.

Truck Bed Liner

Truck Bed Mat Because you have cargo, tools and equipment you simply must take with you, you choose to drive a truck. Since the bed is one of the most important parts of your rig, you want to do what you can to preserve its condition. Here at, we are proud to be your partner in the 4X4 parts and accessories business. Our parts inventory includes the BedRug truck bed mat, WeatherTech TechLiner bed mat or bed liner from another brand you have been looking for. Made with durable materials and strong construction, our mat selection is designed to withstand significant abuse. Even better, the mats in our inventory protect your truck’s bed from cargo damage, weather and other hazards. Browse our collection and complete your order today.

Vinyl Cleaner When you hit the road or trail in your truck, Jeep, SUV or other 4X4, you demand exceptional performance. You also want your machine to look its best. Unfortunately, trail conditions, weather and the sun can take a toll on your tonneau cover or soft top. Here at, we offer the maintenance products you need to improve both the condition and appearance of your rig’s coverings. Choose a tonneau cleaner for truck beds or opt for a Jeep soft top and zipper lubricant. Either way, if you want to get the most out of your 4X4, you can’t lose when you rely on our inventory and expertise. Take a look at our extensive selection and order a vinyl protectant for your machine today.

Your pickup truck is a multi-faceted beast that holds its weight as a people mover, a hauler, a tower and luxury ride. From its dominance on the roadway to its spacious, well-appointed interior, it represents everything you love about driving, including control, power and an aggressive, confident exterior. Owners like you aren’t usually content with standard, factory accommodations, especially on your favorite ride. Regardless of whether you’re a Ford fan or a GM geek or into another type of truck, you like to customize and personalize your driving experience through the best in aftermarket gear. From big, dominant truck grilles to Tonneau covers for trucks, 4 Wheel Parts has everything you need to make your motor really hum.

True Coverage for Your Truck

The signature feature of a pickup truck is the bed that enables you to haul and carry items that are often too large and/or too heavy to be accommodated by minivans and SUVs. A Tonneau cover allows you to cover your bed wherever and whenever. You can shield your cargo from view, cover it from exposure to the elements and even reduce the wind drag on your vehicle for a better ride. Truck Tonneau covers come in a variety of configurations, covers and materials, adding a stylish finish to your favorite vehicle. From affordable, soft-touch truck bed covers to powered, retractable options that can lock at any point, you’re sure to find the perfect accessory for you and the way you drive at

Right Parts, Right Fit Every Time

Shopping online for trucks accessories can be a shaky proposition. How do you know you’re buying a part that fits your truck? What guarantee is there that the Tonneau cover hardware you’re looking at right for you? At 4 Wheel Parts, we provide detailed buying guides, specifications, high-quality images and reviews to help you with your search. We even back you up providing a hotline if you need to speak to someone who knows the ins and outs of not just Tonneau covers, but all things related to truck parts and accessories. You can shop by vehicle make and model for perfect fitment as well as by brand, price range and compatibility with other accessories. The truck ownership experience isn’t the same for everyone and neither is the hunt for the right parts.

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