Performance Parts

Your ride is built to impress. The power, style, and fun are meant to be unmatched. However, if your performance parts aren't in tip-top shape, your vehicle may not be performing at its peak potential. Help your truck or Jeep become the best version of itself with performance parts from 4 Wheel Parts.

Improved Performance
Old, worn out parts can slow you down and keep your truck or Jeep from performing well. However, with a few new pieces and some elbow grease, you can help your ride run better than ever. New performance parts can give you more power, improve your gas mileage, and generally make your vehicle run more smoothly.

Great Choices from Awesome Brands
Your 4x4 is important to you, so don't trust it to just any brands. 4 Wheel Parts carries Jeep and truck performance parts from the most trusted names in the business. Choose from brands like Crown Automotive, SuperChips, Jeep, and more. 4 Wheel Parts doesn't just carry a few pieces either. We have everything from full exhaust system kits to air intake tubes, and everything in between, Whether you need only one small part or you want a full package, you can find it right here. Once you find the parts you need, we ship them quickly and without delay. Many orders even qualify for free shipping.

Low Prices
Have you ever bought a part for your truck or Jeep, only to find a lower price on the same part somewhere else? It's disappointing to discover that you've spent too much. 4 Wheel Parts is on a mission to end that frustration. When you buy from us, you can be sure you get the best price on the market. In fact, we're so confident in our prices that we offer a 90-day price match promise. If you find a better deal within 90 days of your purchase, let us know, and we can make up the difference.

A Large Selection
It takes a lot of parts to make your vehicle's heating and cooling systems work properly. You a great air intake kit, exhaust systems, and more. What's more is that each vehicle is unique and may need different parts. Don't waste your time scouring a bunch of different sites to find the parts you need. Instead, you can see it all right here at 4 Wheel Parts. We are proud to offer an excellent selection of performance parts that ship quickly to you.

Fit Your Ride
Your ride is one-of-a-kind. As such, not just any old parts will do. Because of our wide selection of parts, we offer something for every vehicle. To find the pieces that can fit perfectly in your ride, use the selection tools on this page. Tell us your vehicle's year, make, model, and engine type. Then, we can show you only parts that can work with what you have. No more second-guessing or getting frustrated because your new part won't work.

Low Prices
There's no reason to overpay for your performance parts again. 4 Wheel Parts is proud to offer only the lowest prices on the market. Don't just take our word for it, however. We give every customer a 90-day price match guarantee.

You don't just ride in your 4x4 on perfect, mostly-sunny days. Your ride is meant to go out in ice, snow, heat, and more. However, that's hard to do if your heating and cooling systems aren't performing correctly. Don't let any weather stand in your way. Order heating and cooling performance parts from 4 Wheel Parts today. That means that if you find a lower price within 90 days of making your purchase, we can make up the difference. All you have to do is let us know. It's our way of earning your trust and business. Furthermore, many orders qualify for free shipping.

Carburetors, Intake Manifolds, and Throttle Body To dominate on the road, track or trail, your 4X4 must be able to breathe freely. Here at, we have the carburetors, intake manifolds and throttle body components you need to restore, maintain, repair or outfit your rig. Even better, since we source our carburetor kits from the top brands in the 4X4 parts business, such as AIRADE, Omix-ADA and Crown Automotive, you don’t have to worry about the quality, reliability or durability of your order. Further, our selection of air cleaner brackets features components designed to fit a variety of models and model years. Take a look at our expansive parts selection and order the intake components you need today.

Engine Mounts Flying down rocky, rough-cut trails is unbelievably fun for any off-road enthusiast. Still, difficult conditions can wreak havoc on your stock rig’s engine mounts. Here at, we have the factory-grade engine mount brackets you need to secure your 4X4’s motor. We also have a huge selection of drivetrain mount kits to help you off-road with confidence. Since our inventory comes from the top brands on the market, such as Omix-ADA and Powermaster, you never have to worry about the strength or reliability of the brackets we sell. Instead of ignoring the warning signs of a failing mount, rely on our inventory, expertise and pricing by completing your order today.

Engines & Assemblies Your SUV, truck or Jeep is only as strong as the engine inside it. Keep your machine operating like a champ with engines and assembly parts from 4 Wheel Parts. Take a look at our engine top end kits from Edelbrock and Crown Automotive to boost your performance. Keep in mind that we offer performance and remanufactured engines for sale as well to get your machine back on the road in no time without putting too much damage on your wallet. Strong and durable materials and options that include everything you need for installation make shopping at 4 Wheel Parts for your engine needs a no-brainer—check out our competitively priced products today.

Exhaust Systems, Headers, Pipes and Hardware Whether you are more concerned about the poor emissions or the awful sound coming from your Jeep, truck or SUV due to a busted exhaust system, turn to 4 Wheel Parts for the solution. We have the exhaust systems, pipes, headers and hardware you need to get this important system back to top performance. Check out the exhaust muffler kits that we offer from Flow Master Exhaust, MagnaFlow Exhaust and your other favorite brands. While you’re at it, grab one of our exhaust header installation kits, with tubing included, that fits your machine and its engine for better emissions and exhaust sound. Save time and money by getting an affordable, high-quality exhaust part today.

Fuel and Oil Filters Whether you drive on the highway or on challenging trails, your 4X4’s engine requires a steady supply of clean fuel. It’s engine also need uncontaminated oil for adequate lubrication. Here at, we have the service products you need to keep your rig running perfectly. Not only do we sell filters and fluids, we have what you need to customize your engine. In fact, if you are looking for oil filter adapters for engines or want to find the best oil filter covers for sale, you have come to the right place. Our inventory comes from top brands, such as K&N and Crown Automotive, giving you access to the highest-quality components on the market. Check out our selection and order what you need to keep your truck, Jeep or SUV in tip-top shape today.

Fuel Tanks & Fuel Tank Hardware As an extreme off-roader, you never shy away from tough trails. Still, rough-cut conditions can leave your rig’s fuel tank battered and broken. Here at, we have a complete inventory of liquid transfer tanks for sale. We also have carry-along tanks to help you tackle long trails with confidence. If you are looking to upgrade your machine, our inventory of fuel filter relocation kits has everything you need. Even better, since our warehouse is full of parts from the leading brands in the 4X4 world, such as Dee-Zee, you always get a quality, reliable and durable product. Check out our huge selection of top-grade components and order the fuel tank or tank hardware you need for your next off-road adventure today.

Gauge Mounting & Gauge Accessories To dominate on challenging trails, you need as much information as possible. Simply put, if a gauge fails or goes missing, you can’t get the most out of your machine. Fortunately, you don’t have to off-road blind. Here at, we have the gauge installation kits you need to make a quick, confident repair. Meanwhile, if you are looking to add gauges or rework your dashboard, our engine coolant temperature switch and other components are essential. Sourced from top brands, such as AAC, our inventory features reliable, durable products. Take a look at everything we have for sale and order what you need to improve your rig’s off-road performance today.

Intake Kits, Air Filter & Throttle Body Spacers Clean air is vital to your vehicle’s functionality and modifying your intake system is an easy and affordable means of enabling greater amounts to flow through your engine. Upgrades improve fuel efficiency, increase acceleration, boost responsiveness, enhance sound and enrich overall performance. Whether you’re looking to replace worn or damaged OEM parts or upgrade stock mechanisms, we have you covered. We carry air intake heater options, throttle body spacers, filters, air cleaner assembly for trucks, convenient short ram and cold air intake kits and more from trusted manufacturers like AIRAID, Banks Power, K&N Engineering and aFe POWER. Off-roaders who shop at gain instant access to superior components and accessories at competitive prices, so don’t delay. Order now.

Performance Electronics Electronics enable you to improve your rig’s performance while increasing control and boosting horsepower. At, we have the top-quality upgrades you need to make the most of every journey. Looking for a computer programmer for trucks? We carry a huge assortment in addition to performance modules, multipurpose electronic gauges, top speed eliminators, speedometer calibrator selections, mass airflow sensors, computer chips and multigauge and tuner accessories. All products are manufactured by global brand leaders like Banks Power, Hypertech, DiabloSport and Superchips. Designed to suit a range of vehicles, they deliver unrivaled functionality available in an array of colors, fitments and features. Don’t settle for average or subpar operation. Order now to enrich your ride.

Performance Ignition Systems

Simple things like upgrading your exhaust system and air intake increases fuel efficiency and engine performance. Wherever you take your off-roader, don't let the small things cause big problems. The trail is full of obstacles to conquer, but dust in the intake or a fault gas cap are not things you want to deal with out there. has all the truck performance parts you need to maximize your engine's power. Get the most out of your 4x4 both on and off the trail.

Exceptional Performance
Increase your Jeep performance with an upgraded exhaust system. The increased air to the engine will give you additional horsepower. Even if you have just increased your air intake, you'll want to protect that investment with quality hoses, gaskets and seals. Regular maintenance of the small things helps the expensive purchases of your engine, transmission, axles, etc. last longer saving you time and money. The dirt path sets you free but takes a toll on your vehicle. As you follow a schedule to change your motor oil, don't neglect the other fluids in your engine from power steering to transmission to brake fluids. All need to be changed out to keep your parts working right when you need them. The sky's the limit and the road is yours with a high-performing 4x4.

Unmatched Service
From air intake kits to programmers, 4 Wheel Parts delivers the aftermarket selection you want at prices that can't be beat. Search by make and model to find exactly what your off-roader needs in upgrades or maintenance. You put a beating on your truck out on the trail, save money while maintaining your investment with the click of a mouse. Our staff is here to help you find what you need fast and easy. Don't waste another minute with factory parts doing minimal work, choose us for all your performance truck parts and hit the trailhead with all the power you want.