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When you put your Jeep in park, you want it to stay where you left it. That's critical when you're often parking on steep inclines where the closest thing to a proper parking spot is a slightly clearer grade of scrub brush and shale. The last thing you need is to get out to enjoy the view across the landscape, only to turn around and watch your Jeep go rolling backward down the slope without you.

That's why you need to make sure your parking brake is in top condition at all times. If you need emergency brake parts and emergency brake assembly kits, shop our selection to find the right parts for your vehicle make and model.

Complete Kits or Individual Parts
Whether you need specific parking brake parts or full drive shaft parking brake kits, buy only what you need. It could be you only need to replace a single faulty part. Or maybe you like to go to extremes, and tear out the whole kit to start over from scratch. Regardless of which you choose, we have a wide range of parts and accessories to make modifying and maintaining your Jeep or truck as easy as possible.

Get Only the Right Components
There's nothing more frustrating than ordering online only to receive your product and find out it's the wrong fit for your ride. We take the guesswork out of ordering with our vehicle selector, which lets you narrow down the products in our parking brake categories by your vehicle's make, model, submodel, year, and even engine type. You can buy with confidence knowing that you've been matched to products specifically selected and verified to be a match for your Jeep or truck. If we've made a mistake? We back up our service guarantee with a customer satisfaction promise, and we'll take care of returns and replacements immediately. Our dedication is why you want to shop with, as your premier off-roading supplier.

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Brake Pedal Assembly Imagine an obstacle suddenly crossing your path as you drive down the street or off-road trail. When you press down on your Jeep, truck or SUV’s brake pedal, you want to know it’s going to stop. Damaged or worn out parts compromise your driving quality and safety, so when the time comes for repairs, turn to 4 Wheel Parts for the best brake pedal pads and other brake components. We have emergency brake pedal assemblies, brake pedal pads, brake pedal shafts for sale and so much more. Treat your bank account to our affordable prices and your machine to brands such as Crown Automotive and Omix-Ada. Shop our huge inventory of quality brake pedals and other parts today.

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