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See our large inventory of stylish apparel, from t-shirts to sweatshirts, hats, and much more, all crafted from comfortable materials and pleasantly inexpensive. When you are tearing up the trail behind the wheel of your Jeep, you want to have the right gear to take control of any situation. Meanwhile, when you are having a beer at your favorite bar, you want to show off your passion for the off-road lifestyle. Either way, 4 Wheel Parts has you covered. Our inventory of Jeep apparel and off-road accessories includes everything you need to conquer any trail you choose and to look good while doing it.

Apparel for the Trail
Your Jeep is pretty good at handling rough-cut trails. Still, before you leave civilization, you want to be sure you are wearing the right gear. Start with a set of sunglasses and a pair of gloves from our Jeep merchandise store. While you are it, give your Jeep a spare tire cover to protect it from trail hazards. If you aren't sure which 4X4 off-road accessories are right for your trail ride, check with one of our parts experts. We are happy to answer your questions.

Apparel for the Lifestyle
Even though you want to tackle the trail with the appropriate gear, you can't forget about your personal sense of style. Whether you are riding in the woods or hanging with friends, Jeep hoodies help you demonstrate your commitment to Jeep culture. If a hoodie is too thick, check out our selection of T-shirts or opt for an apron to wear at your next cookout. Regardless of which gear looks best on you, you win when you purchase your Jeep products from us.

Affordable Prices
Here at 4 Wheel Parts, we are proud to be your go-to resource for Jeep parts and accessories. Whether you are looking for a small gift or a complete engine rebuild, we have the inventory you want. We also never charge a premium for our products, helping you save money every time you order. Browse our selection and purchase your new apparel today.

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Guys who love their Jeeps are a breed of their own. You can tell a true jeeper when he rolls up, because his rig looks like a million bucks that could climb a mountain and ford the Mississippi. Why not take a little time and spruce up your style to match your truck? Jeep apparel available at 4 Wheel Parts is the most style-forward move you can make to express the love you have for your rig and support the industry and the sport of off-roading. Slide into a sweet hoodie or T-shirt branded with the Jeep logo and show the world the lifestyle you live even when you're not on the road or the trail.

Great Style for the Lifestyle
The T-shirt and jeans look is never going to go out of style, why not just amp it up a bit with a Jeep T-shirt? You're making a statement with what you choose to wear every day that you walk out the door. Make it a Jeep statement with Jeep merchandise from 4 Wheel Parts. On you can find all sorts of apparel to match your hobby and your style. From socks to jackets and from tank tops to hats, there is definitely something you're going to want to wear at 4 Wheel Parts. With rock-bottom prices and easy online or brick-and-mortar access you can be showing off your new gear in no time.

Form and Function
The Jeep clothing at 4 Wheel Parts isn't only the most stylish clothing made by man, but their gear actually serves a purpose on the trail. has a huge selection of trail goggles and driving gloves that are a necessity to keep the driver running as good as the machine. Guys like us buy things that we need and use, why not look good while you're doing it? Cool Jeep gear available at 4 Wheel Parts is a bargain to buy and a necessity for a safe and fun time on the trail.