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Steering Stabilizer kits work with most lift kits to reduce steering shimmy and driver fatigue to protect front suspension components and reduce tire wear.

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Jeepers dread the death wobble. When the front axle of your rig shakes and shimmies so violently that you can't control it, it knocks the suspension system out of whack. The causes range from worn ball joints to unbalanced tires and poor alignment. Another possibility is a loose steering stabilizer. While Jeep steering stabilizers don't actually fix the problem, they do keep the vibrations from the road and the other steering components from rumbling through the entire vehicle. You want to keep those vibrations under control to keep those components from wearing out too soon. Upgrading the steering stabilizer extends tire life and reduces driver fatigue as well as keeping the wobbles under control.

Jeep Steering Parts for Your Rig has aftermarket replacement steering parts for your Jeep. High performance stabilizers give you improved steering control and counteracts against steering forces. Some steering stabilizer kits include relocation hardware to give you the option of moving the stabilizer to a preferable location so you can tune to your optimum requirements. The steering stabilizer bracket comes in handy when mounting the stabilizer above the tie rod or placing it higher than its original position. Both stabilizers and brackets have powdercoat finishes to resist scratches and corrosion.

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