Interior Parts & Accessories for Trucks & Jeeps

Give your interior a style and comfort of its own with our stock of unique and practical aftermarket Jeep & truck interior parts and accessories, available from the industry's top name brands in truck & Jeep interior parts. Stylize and protect your Jeep or truck interior. Let's be honest—your Jeep is your second home and as such, you need it to be comfortable, cool and ready for anything. Aftermarket Jeep interior parts and accessories from 4 Wheel Parts can help you personalize the interior of your rig and turn it into the comfortable space you won't want to leave. While providing for a unique driving experience that factory configurations flat out lack.

Jeep Seat Parts
At 4 Wheel Parts, we sell truck interior accessories from all the top name brands to ensure that your Jeep is decked out and protected by only the highest quality trimmings. From standard bucket to bench seats from Smittybilt, and from reclining seats to low-back bucket seats by Rugged Ridge, we have seats in all shapes and styles to fit your comfort needs. Accessorize them with a 3-point retractable seat belt, then slide a locking security storage box under your seat to keep your most valuable possessions safe and sound when you're out on the road.

Off-Road Seat Covers
Keep your brand new seats looking shiny and new no matter where you adventures may take you, with durable, easy to clean seat covers. Smittybilt's G.E.A.R. front seat covers come in Coyote Tan and include seven military grade storage pouches complete with military grade zippers and snaps. Opt for a more discreet look with the neoprene seat covers in black, red, gray or tan, all of which are padded and pleated for your comfort.

Order Today, Drive in Style Tomorrow
At 4 Wheel Parts, we have all the Jeep interior accessories you could possibly need to customize your rig both inside and out. If your Jeep is your second home (which we bet it is!), give it a good, homey-makeover with our affordable parts and accessories. Place your order today and receive it within the week (in the continental U.S.). With our low-price match guarantee, you can complete your Jeep overhaul for much less than what it would cost to remodel your actual home, making it a far better investment as far as we're concerned.

Audio & Video When you’re out on the trails leading the pack, there’s no telling what you will encounter. Whether it’s a sharp turn, a ravine that wasn’t on the map or a broken-down rig in need of repair, you need to be able to inform your group of jeepers about obstacles ahead, which is why audio packages for trucks were invented. The communications accessories here at 4 Wheel Parts were selected with jeepers in mind and made to keep you safe and in touch with your buddies and the rest of the world. In addition to radios and other audio packages, we also have radar detectors for sale, you know, just in case you really want to plan ahead. Pick up the audio and video accessories you need right here today.

Carpet Kits & Sound Deadening Just because you have a thirst for adventure and an almost urgent desire to traverse the trails every chance you get doesn’t mean that you like the almost deafening sound of your Jeep as it jumps along the path. At 4 Wheel Parts, we have just the accessories you need to make your ride a smooth, comfortable and quiet one. In addition to selling tires that are designed for a smooth trail experience, our collection also includes sound deadening for trucks. If you want to inexpensively soundproof your rig, a sound deadening kit is the way to go. Once you have that installed, invest in a best carpet kit, which can not only increase your comfort, but that can also muffle the sound of the trails a little bit more. Your rig is like your second home, so why not make it as comfortable as one? Get the accessories you need to do just that today.

Dashboard Accessories Whether the last off-road adventure got the better of your dashboard or years of use are finally catching up to it, turn to 4 Wheel Parts for your replacement and upgrade dash parts. From cigar lighters, indicator lamps and ash trays for trucks, Jeeps and SUVs to entire dashboard covers for sale, we have the accessories you want to add style and functionality to your interior. These accessories come with a variety of features such as durable materials and finishes that match your ride. Omix-Ada, Crown Automotive and Covercraft are just a few of the top brands we offer. Shop now for the accessories that keep your dashboard’s look and performance at top levels.

Floor Mats & Cargo Liners From muddy passengers to dusty gear, the floor of your truck, Jeep or SUV puts up with a lot. Protect your original upholstery and upgrade your interior’s appearance with floor mats and cargo area liners. 4 Wheel Parts has the best floor mats for trucks and other vehicles from top industry brands such as WeatherTech, Husky Liners and Rugged Ridge. Easy installation, water resistance and custom fit designs are just a few of the features you enjoy when you invest in coverage for your floors and cargo area surfaces. Don’t miss out on outdoor adventures simply for the sake of protecting your interior—get your mats and liners today, pile everyone in and bring on the messy off-road fun!

Interior Accessories Your truck, Jeep or SUV reflects has the exterior design and performance capabilities to match your rugged style, but is your interior lacking? 4 Wheel parts has the dash panels and inserts as well as other interior parts to keep the inside of your machine looking fresh and ready for the next off-road escapade. Spruce up the look of your ride with steering wheel inserts in chrome or your favorite color and aluminum diamond plate dashboards with glove box openings. Grab a dash tray or overlay from Crown Automotive for a sleek appearance and functional convenience. For dash parts, rearview mirrors, grab handles and so much more, shop 4 Wheel Parts today.

Interior Cabin Filters As on off-road enthusiast, you know your truck, Jeep or SUV kicks up a lot of dust, dirt and other pollutants as you blast through outdoor trails. Keep those contaminants out and clean, breathable air inside your machine with cabin air filters from 4 Wheel Parts. These products are essential in reducing odors, mold, fungus and other germs from entering into your interior. Our collection includes air filters for trucks, Jeeps and SUVs from brands such as K&N and Omix-Ada. Choose from direct fit factory replacements and options that are washable and reusable. Shop now for the best filter for your cabin and breathe easily as you tackle every city street and off-road trail.

Seat Covers


Steering Wheels Modifying your Jeep enables you to showcase your personal style. Whether you prefer a classic look or enjoy showing some flair, has the steering wheel parts and accessories you need to achieve your ideal appearance. We carry a variety of specialty wheels, tilt levers, quick release hubs, lock nuts, clock springs, spacers, rings and cruise control systems from top brands like Omix-ADA, Grant Products and Crown Automotive. Available in a range of finishes such as black plastic, chrome, multicolor and polished, our selection of affordable horn buttons for Jeeps features numerous popular brand logos. We also offer convenient steering wheel installation kits that allow you to easily install your custom components. Shop now to create the personalized rig you’ve always wanted.

Storage & Organizers If there's one thing people love about driving a big vehicle, it's the ability to throw everything inside without worrying about having enough space. You made sure to get enough cargo capacity when you chose your truck. Now it's time to start organizing your space to fit your work requirements and your lifestyle. Get a cargo area security box to store all of your smaller items, such as power tools, professional equipment or emergency supplies. Everyone knows that the factory loadout for some makes and models lack interior comforts, so we also carry cup holders for trucks, roll bar organizers for Jeeps and a variety of other innovative upgrades. Order what you need to control the chaos today.

Out in the open wilderness, you are climbing up mountains, racing over dirt hills, and exploring around rivers and lakes looking for your ideal camping spot. As an avid outdoorsmen and an off-roader for life, you're in heaven, and you know to be prepared for wherever the journey may lead and whatever mother nature might toss your way. That is why you don't want to be fumbling around with your phone or radio. You don't need to be worrying about whether your seatbelt can handle it's job while you're crawling over that next boulder. What you do need is to go out exploring already prepared with all the truck and Jeep accessories and interior parts you need to keep the trails blazing without a hitch.

Steering Wheel Security, Mobile Device Mounts, Seat Covers, and So Much More
With 4 Wheel Parts, you have everything you need all in one place. Prevent any trouble-makers from taking your off-roader on a joy ride with a steering wheel no wheel steal system from Grant Steering Wheels. Get all your Jeep seat parts from Smittybilt, Rugged Ridge, or Bestop. We've got all the truck and Jeep interior parts to make your ride more convenient or replacement parts like glove box doors and turn signal levers. Check out our selection of truck and Jeep interior accessories, like remote radio mounts, wireless charging replacement kits, and hydration packs.

Great Parts, Great Prices
It doesn't matter what you're looking for to ensure you're off-roading adventures go on without a hitch, you're going to find high quality parts and accessories here from all the top names in off-roading. Feel free to explore, most of the products we sell at 4 Wheel Parts qualify for our free shipping with purchases of $99 or more, so even finding what you weren't looking for doesn't have to mean another shopping day. With that kind of confidence, go get all the Jeep and truck parts and accessories you need and want today.