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It requires more than determination and grit to take your off-roading experience to ever higher levels; you need the right gauges and readouts to ensure you're maximizing your jeeping time. Keeping track of your rig's various readouts is easier when you install a rugged multi purpose electronic gauge on your dashboard. has the electronic gauges your hard-core rig needs from the trust brands of Banks Power and Edge. The list of legendary tales regarding your epic runs only grows when you have 4 Wheel Parts working for you. Take advantage of everything we offer and leave your buddies munching on your dust.

Better Readouts Mean Better Rides
When it seems like every system on your rig has a readout that's fighting for space on your dashboard, it's time to do some housecleaning. An electronic gauge is a great way to track your off-roading performance, but over time these gauges can become a distraction. When you're flying down a white-knuckle trail at full-throttle, you want your eyes focused on the upcoming boulders and stumps, not searching the dash for a readout.

Give your eyes and your nerves a break by installing a Jeep multi purpose electronic gauge and put everything in one easy-to-read location. These handy devices are easy-to-install and include options like internet updates, fully customizable backgrounds and quarter-mile performance testing capabilities. Take advantage of our convenient Select Vehicle Year tool to ensure your gauge is compatible with your jeeping machine.

Finishing Your Order Is Easy
Take your off-roading adventures to the next level by swapping out your old components with high-quality replacements from Not only do we offer fast, free shipping on all qualifying orders of $75 or more, but we also provide a 100% Price Check Guarantee on every part we sell. When you combine these benefits with our friendly and knowledgeable customer representatives, it's easy to see why our customers keep coming back for more. Order today and check out the difference.

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Edge Insight CTS2 Monitor - 84130


Edge Insight CTS2 Monitor - 84130

Insight CTS2 Monitor


Insight CTS2 Monitor
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