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Rugged Ridge Hood Scoops

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Easy install but recommend starting at corners and don't tighten screws down at first to give some play. Also deforms is tightened too much. Backed off 4 center screws and straightened out

By Jedi Jeeper | 12/26/21  
Rugged Ridge Hood Scoop

Great little, cheap, and easy install project. I found with the opening facing towards the airflow (opening facing the front bumper) did increase my air flow at speed with the number three setting on the fan in my Jeep. Usually number three is pretty close to one and two and almost not really flowing. Now at speed I notice quite a change in inside air flow.

By Ringo from Indianapolis, IN | 7/10/14  
hoood scoop by rugged ridge

Purchased it the other day. Read other reviews how it boosts your heating and a/c. So far it seems to be doing the trick. The scoop adds that aggressive look for dirt cheap.

By Joe Daddy from Toronto, Ontario Canada | 6/24/14  

This Product looks good overall, but I did not notice any change in air flow.

By 95 Wrangler from WA | 3/22/11  
Worth the cash

The install was quick and easy. The look is not bad at all. This is a quick way to add a "custom" look without the custom price tag.

By superman_jjs from Silverdale, Wa | 10/13/10