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Pro Comp MX-6 Monotube Adjustable Shocks

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Best Light Truck Shocks

I installed Pro Comp MX6 shocks on my 2004 F250 Super Duty and loved them. I had 70,000 miles on the shocks, when I sold the truck and they still worked like brand new. Great Ride even on wash board gravel roads and a very smooth ride on the highway. Also a very long service life. When I pruchased my 2008 F350 FORD Super Duty I wanted to install the same shocks, but Pro Comp didn't make them for an unlifted truck in 2008. So I was swayed over to Rancho 9000's and they turned out to be the worst suspension shock purchase of my life. Terrible Ride. The adjustable valve stopped working after 25,000 miles. Shock bodies were covered in rust after 15,000. I now have Pro Comp MX6's on my 2008 FORD and they perform like I remember...Awesomely!(Is That A Word?) Pro Comp - YES / Rancho - NO.

By Curt The Hunter from Mandan, ND | 10/22/13  
Amazing product!

Very great product. The capability of the adjustment allows you to set the ride for any type of terrain!!

By 2 Tone Tony from Wilmington, Illinois | 7/11/13  
Big improvement

This shock is the bomb. Adjustable and looks great and works great. Highly recommended. Easy install too on ford f150 08 model. Installed on truck with procomp 6 inch lift crew cab ford f150 4x4 08 model.

By True blu tex. from dallas tx. | 2/12/13  
2nd set I have bought

My truck came with a set of these and just recently the passenger side blew. I have a 8inch lifted truck and just bought a new set and love the ride they give. I mostly to road driving but if you ever want to off road just adjust your shocks setting. Great shocks highly recommend.

By Yankee from Chicago,IL | 5/6/12  
Great shocks had no problems since 2002

Had them installed in 02 2002Ram 1500 ride & handling perfect strong on & off road just replaced all 4 for another 10 years of fun

By Rob from Staten island NY | 3/28/11  
Preforms better than the other guy's

the best shocks for my rubicon

By hotrod from northen Ca. | 3/8/11  
worked well

i used these to help with towing my toy box. worked as I had hoped

By tim from lake dallas tx | 10/29/10  
I reccomend this product

Easy install and great for adjustable needs.

By OC from ARKANSAS | 8/26/10  
For use with heavy loads

I used these shocks to stabalize the load of my Lance camper on my 2003 F-350 4X4 with single rear wheels (stock suspinsion). Before the istallation, the camper would "list" from side-to-side. After, the truck was more stable on the road. This was a great choice since Rancho's XL9000 were on back-order. Very pleased with this shock.

By Daryl from Riverside, California | 7/26/10  
great shock

Now I need shocks for the back to match.

By darrin from Los Angeles | 6/16/10  
Don't try this at home

I got 70k miles out of the first set, so when it was time for the next set I went with a shock that gave great service before.

By Greg the IT guy from La Palma, CA | 4/12/10  
Adjustables rock

The adjustable MX-6 shocks rock. I use the shocks on my daily driver Jeep TJ, Then one the weekend crank up the firmness for playing in the trails.

By Dixie Devil from Cypress, Tx | 4/8/10  
MX-6 front shocks for Chevy Silverado

These shocks are supposed to be performance enhancing. I use them to keep my 20" rims on the ground. They do that just fine BUT the bottom mount keeps breaking. The pin shears in two. I have had to purchase, at additional expense, a set of solid pins and Urethane bushings to solve a problem that should not have existed in the first place.

By Captnsam from Fullerton, CA | 1/18/10  
Procomp 6" Lift came with Junk Shocks

98 GMC K1500 Truck A-arm Shock Mount (which was welded on by 4WheelParts as part of the ProComp Lift Installation) was too narrow needed to grind down to increase clearance for the New Shock Eyelet. Also Having issues with maintaining Camber with Procomp Lift, Serious uneven tire wear on outside of both Front Tires.

By STEVEO from Las Vegas | 12/23/09  
didn't ride as soft as i thought

didn't ride as soft as i thought. should have came with adapter brackets

By andrew from pinedale, wy | 12/7/09  
Best shock for a working truck

This shock is great as work truck and daily driver shock. Adjustability easy since I tow alot with my truck a firm shock is what I need and when I unhook from my trailer just a turn of a knob I have a softer shock for daily driving. So far I found nothing I dislike about the Pro Comp MX6 adjustable shock

By Smokengun from San Pedro, CA | 10/15/09  
Best bang for your buck I have found

I put the MX6 shocks on my daily driven 1995 Bronco and have to say that they make my truck feel more stabil than ever. The only down sides are the dials are a little hard to turn and putting them in was a bit of a chore.

By Matt Mayhem from Fresno, CA | 10/15/09  
So far so good

at stiff setting good for off road not for every driving pain to adjust when doing both kinds of driving

By crazy from tucson az | 10/14/09