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Power Trax No-Slip Traction Systems

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Works GREAT!!

I bought this diff for the rear of my Jeep Comanche as a cheaper alternative to a TruTrac, which I have and love in the front of my other Jeep. I considered a lunchbox locker, but the Comanche isn't used for rock crawling, and I worried about breaking an axles on the D35 with a true locker. I also have experienced the popping and banging that seem to be common when lunchbox lockers are used behind a manual trans, and I knew I didn't want that. I Just finished running the Hole in the Rock trail in southern Utah and I couldn't be happier. This diff makes zero fuss on the road and on the trail, but it definitely works to send traction to both tires so long as there is some torque flowing through it. I did have one instance of being well crossed up with a tire in the air, but a fairly subtle brake apply engaged the rear diff enough that the back of the truck scooted sideways a bit and I continued the climb. That's exactly how a good helical gear limited slip is supposed to work! I think this diff would be GREAT in a front axle application if you already have a rear locker, or in the rear of a vehicle that isn't used for all out rock crawling where you just want a bit more than open diffs provide. No regrets!! There is a warning in the instructions that clearance to the pinion must be checked, and that some grinding to the end of the pinion gear may be necessary. I didn't actually check the clearance, but it was not making contact when installed, so I figured I was good.

By The Comanche Kid from Colorado | 4/12/22  
Very street friendly locker

I have a Powertrax NoSlip in my daily driver/occasional wheeler Jeep Liberty. It replaced an Aussie locker, and my only regret is not buying the Powertrax in the first place. It's just as docile on the street as my old Detroit Tru Trac was in one of my fast cars, and allows both tires to dig in regardless of terrain or weather conditions.

By TBJ from Mason, OH | 11/13/10  
Great part, terrible advice on instal

The product is an ingenious piece of technology. I absolutely love this locker and recommend it to anyone looking for the best traction adder without having to a full carrier swap. Very, very easy to instal.

By Burning Splash from Woodbury, Tn | 3/3/10  
Great traction now

This locker seems so far to work very well. There is some clicking when making sharp turns but it is not really noticed in a Jeep. The install was a little harder than I expected but it is simple if you follow the instructions.

By CP from Dardanelle, AR | 5/13/15  
Excellent performance for the $.

This is a great product for the money. Easy to instal but does have the typical auto locker draw backs. I installed this in my 03 tj rear d44 with trac loc. I previously put the the lock right in the front and love it. There is the typical loud clunks and ratcheting when making tighter turns on high traction surfaces . There is also increased drive train back lash. These things can be minimized by driving and throttle adjustments. You could use it in a daily driver but not on slick roads due to the under steer. 1st time off road it claimed a near vertical slope with a kicker at the top dang near flipped it over back words. Now I'm looking for a new seat after my butt bit a chunk out of it. I definitely recommend for the right application

By Patriot from firestone colorado | 4/17/14  
Good luck with customer service on this!

One of the "active spacers" broke on the first test drive. I contacted Richmond (who was bought out by Motive). They blamed my install and said they would not warranty it and WOULD NOT help me get another part. (Others on internet have reported faulty machining of this part as the cause.) I offerred to pay for part and next-day shipping since it is worthless without this part. Said it would take 30-45 days MINIMUM. They basically told me "TOO BAD", not gonna happen. I contacted 4wheelparts who told me they would not warranty since they did not install it. They told me to "contact Richmond". I welded the part back together and it works flawlessly. I won't buy another one, just because of the unfriendly, uncaring treatment I received from Richmond/Motive. Apparently they WILL NOT support the product and DON'T CARE about the end customer.

By Gixx from Albuquerque, NM | 3/19/12  
No Slip Works Great

Installed on 2wd F150 with 8.8 rear end. Have 15000 mile on it and it does provide Maximum traction all the time, does make some weird noises when turning so it isn't completely silent, also difficult when turning and power is applied (turning while going uphill). Install would be Very easy 2nd time, but for a 1st time install it takes twice the advertised time.

By Motorcycleknut from Houma, Louisiana | 8/1/11  
Like it alot

Really helps hooking-up

By Bo from Magnolia, AR | 3/29/11  
Excellent Value

Simple to install with no BS and it works well! After reading about 'other' lockers and driveline adjustments I decided to go with the Powertrax No-Slip locker and haven't regretted my decision. Great value, easy to install with no added complications.

By Orion from Ithaca, NY | 3/22/11  
Great product

1996 jeep cherokee 4x4 4.0 auto 8.25", 4.5" lift with no swaybars and 33" mud. Great offroad. A little noisy on road but way better than the lockrite I had in a yj. Handling on road a little squirley but I have a flexy suspension and NO swaybars. Easy set up and reasonable price.

By Baldy from clarkdale, AZ | 11/25/09  
*Wrong Parts* Not Good

I think its a good product so far it looks easy and strong and cant wait to use. But when i got my locker they sent the wrong spacer, one with c-clip and one with out. So i was almost done and found out i had the wrong part and now i have to wait enother week for the new part to come. [...]

By 1998 Jeep Wrangler Sport from Tacoma, WA | 6/18/10  

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