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Got rear ended by a Tundra. The Beaver took the full impact. The Tundra never reached my bumper.

By Knightshade from Colorado | 3/5/22  

Allows easy access to roof rack! Provides protection from tailgaters and rear end collision.

By RenW from California | 1/25/21  
Good, but with a sizing flaw

It's a very interesting device to add to the hitch receiver. I like sitting on it to put my boots on as well as stepping up on it. I like the way that snatch straps hook to it. My only dislike is how loose it is for a 2" receiver - it's much too small and as such rattles all around. My solution was to cut old bike inner tube sections like large rubber bands and wind them on either side of the pinholes. This took the rattle out, but really no one should have to do that for a piece sold in the USA.

By Anonymous from Utah | 10/7/20  
2018 f150

Well made. Works great for me and what i do with it. Its a little lose in the hitch not bad. Would recommend!!

By Anthony from Va | 5/18/20  
multifunctional and attractive

So, your receiver hole's just sitting there looking ugly? This thing looks darn cool, but more than that, it is useful, in at least two ways: It's a step, and its a hitch point for a tow strap.

By Patrick from Texas' upper east side | 11/8/14  
Nice step to use roof rack

This is a very simple product & functions very well!!! Nice heavy duty product.

By ToddMonty from Mattoon, IL | 5/24/14  
Not as big as it looked.

Haven't used it for anything but looks but it looks strong enough to use as a hook point. Wasn't impressed with the way it fit in the receiver. Way to sloppy and would rattle when driving vehicle. To cure the problem I drilled a hole in the bottom of my receiver tube and tapped it for a half inch bolt. Installed bolt and a jam nut and now it fits tightly.

By Smittybilt jeep. from Parker co | 12/9/13  
Works Great

The step works well with ski boots on. Though it can be a little slick. Still better than stepping on a hitch ball. Also you are less likely to pound your shin on this step in the dark due to its shape. It works as a very effective stinger and solid strap attachment point too. It may be a little loose in the receiver but that helps it from becoming rusted in-place like the hitch ball that it replaced.

By Big Mike from Steven's Pass WA | 11/4/13  
Looks Great on my truck

Love the Beaver Step. Wish 4 wheel parts would have set mine aside since I waited 2 months for it to come in. When it did come in they called I came in about a week later and the only one they had left was on the shelf just waiting to be sold. Thanks for looking out for me 4 wheel parts! But love the Step!

By Bull from Denver, CO | 3/20/13  
Works As Described

Works great as a step; only downside is there is a little slop in the connection to the reciever so the Beaver Step wiggles a little bit. Haven't needed it as a recovery point yet but it's very easy to get to and is build very solid. No issues about using it when the time comes.

By F250 Driver from WA | 3/5/13  
Beaver Step

This is a really heavy duty step. One has to be careful though while stepping on it because it tends to be slippery. Some grip tape might be in order...

By Feral Off Roader from Nevada | 2/3/12