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Rubicon Express Oil Pan Skid Plates

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Rubicon oil pan skid plate

It was easy to install, I just ran the rubicon in my 2020 JLU the skid plate did it’s job.

By Sandra from Sacramento California | 7/25/22  
too tight and need to be filed

It seems to be strong and good item for value. But it took a lot of time to adjust it ; needed to file the mount on the pan mount side and to push it back to get a good angle ; don't know if my item has received a shock. And it was too close to the oil plug, need to file this part too, it has let a mark at my first attemps to mount it. Not the only one to get this issue reading some JK forums but didn't want to loose time to return it.

By Bruno from Montreal | 10/2/21  

Strong skid that being said spend the money and get skids that protect your transmission lines which hang down just behind engine skid.

By JKU 1 from Tacoma Wa | 11/5/20  
Untested design .insufficient clearance

Someone really dropped the ball in the engineering department for this one. It does bolt in, without drilling or modification,but does not allow for suspension movement,beyond an inch of travel. Smacks right into the front drive shaft of a 19 Jl. How do you design something that mounts within inches above the drive shaft,and not verify that it didn’t interfere with anything,before sending it out for consumption to trusting Jeep owners ? Only response from manufacturer,is “we can’t make it work”? No sorry you wasted your time driving down to purchase it,wasted your time installing it, possibly damaged your vehicle driving with it installed,by taking our word that this was made for your vehicle, then had to remove it,and return it?-

By Look here from Ontario | 10/16/20  
two man job

very heavy duty, and well made. Will take two people or use a jack to hold it up and bolt it.

By SCOTT from Friendswood tx | 7/30/20  
Rubicon Express Oil Pan Skid Plate

Rubicon Express Oil Pan Skid Plate- 2013 Jeep JK 2Door- I ordered this because it's cheaper to buy/install a skid plate than it is to drag your Jeep out of the woods after busting your oil pan on an unexpected rock or log. I read the reviews and fully expected to have to do some trimming on it even though its a "bolt on" part. Upon trying to install the skid plate I found I was going to have to do a little more than "some" trimming. I had to trim all three outer rims on the front 3 brackets of the plate. I also had to trim the left corner next to the left most bolt mount(looking at it while lying underneath). I also had to drimmel the inner bolt holes on the rear two bolt mounts. I also trimmed down the area between the rear two bolt holes to gain more clearance. After all that it fit like a glove. Just remember, that you should only trim and drimmel the skid plate,DO GRIND/TRIM THE JEEP. Cheers!

By Bandit from Marietta, Ga | 9/6/15  
A real beast

I discovered the need for this during my last oil change; gouges in the lower oil pan. I was attracted to this skid plate by the no-drill, no-welding mounts. What a surprise when I found how heavy the steel is and no-welds construction. Mounting on my 2013 JK with 6-speed manual transmission was relatively easy. However, I did have to grind away about a 1/4 inch of steel between the two mounting tabs on the rear of the plate. The slightly bowed belly of the transmission case would not allow the two mounting tabs to center over the existing bolt holes. No big deal for me as I've grown accustom to deviations with "one size fits all" parts. All things considered, I would buy this again, and, will consider Rubicon Express for any future skid plate needs.

By Dave R from Roaring Spring, Pa. | 7/27/15  
Tight fitting heavyweight protection.

I do a lot of moderate to serious off-roading in desert conditions. After seeing some pretty deep gouges in the oil pan, I installed this skid plate. Installation went smoothly, but the very tight fit may put off some people. Because the front bolt tabs contact the casting of the upper oil pan, care must be taken to slowly tighten the bolts in an alternating pattern. I've since put some good scratches in the coating, with no damage to the pan, so it's doing the job.

By ABQ Bill from Albuquerque, NM | 4/30/15