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MagnaFlow Pro-Series Off Road Cat-Back Exhaust Systems

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Exactly as described.

Two options for sound, as advertised it is not super loud and the no drone tech works as they state it does. Overall love the sound and did feel a slight performance improvement.

By Chris from Washington State | 7/12/22  

As advertised except does not fit LJ like it says but the product is good and works well after muffler shop modification

By LJ_STIMULUS from Yucaipa, Ca | 10/4/21  
Love the noise.

Everything included for an easy install. This system has a very aggresive exhaust note and with turn down before rear axle it might not be for everyone.

By S. Dhone from Portland, Oregon | 7/4/20  
Love the space saving & sound under 70kmh

The hum at highway speed is unbearable. Other than that it sounds amazing on my stick shift JK. nice rumble & when gearing down.

By rgo77 from Markham | 5/15/20  

I installed this exhaust on my 2013 Jeep JK Rubicon. I was looking for something that would save me weight and space along with providing a nice sound. This thing is extremely loud to say the least. My wife hates it, it's growing on me though. I would highly recommend this product if you're looking for the loudest possible exhaust for a jk (lol). I did notice a slight HP and torque increase and I am overall happy with the upgrade.

By Joker2/3 from Hawaii | 10/1/14  
Cat Back

Ordered the cat back for a 2 door but they sent one for a 4 door. I chose to add pieces instead of going through the hassle of returning the muffler. The sound is aggressive and sounds great for a 6 cylinder and am very happy with the sound. The stock muffler was very susceptible to being hit by rocks when I rock crawled. This cat back system tucks away thus protecting the muffler from damage. Overall I would highly recommend this system for my fellow brother and sister Jeepers! I just hope you don't live around me so I can still have the best sounding Jeep in town.

By Redwrangler11 from Arizona | 3/1/14  

This is my first tip down exhaust and once again magnaflow did not disappoint me. I've had it for 3 months now and I have noticed that there is more rumble and much deeper throaty sound. I added a lift and had to put an exhaust spacer so when I tried to install the exhaust it was too long. I ended up cutting it 2" and extended the hanger another inch to create more clearance. There is a slight drone and definitely a loud exhaust. I added a sound clip on youtube look up magnaflow exhaust 17144 (Karyl M).

By RubiChick from San Diego, CA | 12/13/13  

Great sounding exhaust but there is a catch. I just had my JK lifted 3.5" and 4wheelparts added an exhaust spacer about 2" so this pushed back the exhaust. When I tried installing the exhaust I ran into a problem. Basically I needed to cut the pipe 2" because it was too long touching the rear springs! I took it to 4wheelparts and they cut the pipe for me for free. I installed it that very day and totally love the sound. The JK drives more like a Jeep and not a car! There is minimal room underneath so you have to play with it like turning the pipes certain way for it not to touch. I also put a thermal sheet posterior of the muffler just incase.

By RubiChick from San Diego, CA | 9/28/13  
Great product for price

Great product! Installed in just minutes and just bolts right to the existing hardware.

By tacojoe90 from fort hood, tx | 2/20/12  
Good System/ Hard Install

this exhaust system said that it was about an hour to install but it was not!!! i had to work very hard to get this thing to fit and it also did not match up with the pipe holders. took about a whole day to install very loud !!! not for you if you are shy this thing will turn everyones eyes when you drive down the street!!!

By tykauai from hawaii | 7/22/11  

This exhaust isnt loud enough to cause passengers to yell at one another but provides a nice deep grunt. I was surprised at the ease of install, between installing the exhaust and a programmer I spent roughly 90 mins and I did it all without a lift. It really made my 2010 ford f150 fx4 sound amazing. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!!

By Bush from Colorado Springs, CO | 3/25/11