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Well worth the $

Very simple installation on my '08 Silverado 4.3 that's been a pig since day 1. It probably took less than 10 minutes to install. I instantly have much better throttle response and power. After 2 weeks my MPG is better (about +2mpg) and may get even better if I can keep my foot out of it.

By Big Al from Dade City, Fl. | 2/24/15  
definitly worth the money

just put it on my 09 nissan titan went from 18 hwy mpg to 21 was more than i expected

By wadester from phoenix az | 3/6/12  
"I would buy this product again

i put a intake on gained 1mpg put a exhust gained another 4 and now the spacer i get 19+ driving city everyday 33 mpg hwy love this jeep my car never got that. and it deffently gained hp and throttle response. great prodoct great site!!!

By kenny from off road, pa | 12/6/11  
easy upgrade

big improvement in throttle response.

By Clint from Prospect,CT | 10/7/11  
Great product!!!

I put this on my 2010 Nissan Titan. Great product! engine idled a little fast & rough for the first day or so, but then smoothed out. Didn't notice any immediate gains, but after about a week or two, I have seen my gas mileage increase by 1.8 MPG. That may not sound like much, but it was getting 12.9 MPG and now it is a consistent 14.7 and I am driving just as I as before. That an extra 45 miles per tankful. Instructions were vague and there are no markings for which way airflow should go, so I just went by which way the sticker was facing. Easy to install. Does whistle slightly, but only noticed it with windows down, sitting still revving the engine and then you still have to try to hear it. Not bad at all.

By chris from Keller, Tx | 9/22/11  
hard to notice

very easy to install, improved fuel economy, but the whistling sound is annoying at times.

By 2004white760f150 from San Marcos CA | 9/10/11  
Great product

Very easy installation, noticable differnce in throttle response.

By Mondo from Santa Cruz Mountains | 3/22/11  
Great product

Great product for the price added low end hp and the whistle

By NateGMC from Santa Maria, CA | 12/23/10  
More than expected

Jet has a great product!! Installation time was a breeze took about 30 minutes total. There's no noise with this, the power band and torque both increase as stated. My main goal in installing this was fuel mileage, and YUP just as I had thought it did go up, about 4 more mpg's. Thumbs up to Jet for an awesome product. I would recommend this over and over

By Mark from OKlahoma | 10/28/10  
JK Unlimited

Easy install. Installed at the same time with a K&N intake. Both added better throttle reponse.

By Rich from Indiana | 9/23/10  
Great Product

I installed it on my 98 Cherokee, and it felt lighter. I haven't driven the vehicle enough to see if there is any difference in gas mileage. Installation was so easy, fits perfect and looks great.

By - from - | 9/4/10  
Easy Install

Not sure how much performance it added but along with a K&N intake my gas milelage went up and it sounds cool when you accedlerate. Super easy to install even came with longer bolts needed on some throttle bodies unlike the competition.

By Travis from Colgate, WI | 8/18/10  
increased velocity without the noise

I'm adding larger tires to my Tacoma and wanted to pick up a little power to off-set the tire change. Very easy to install, and what a differance. I was concerned about the noise so many people complain about. Under normal driving there is NO noise, stomp on the throttle and's NASCAR sound. Throttle responce is much faster and although maybe to early to be sure, I believe the fuel economy is better. I would recommend the JET TBS to all V-6 Tacoma owners.

By RHINO from San Pedro, CA | 5/26/10  
Do your homework!!!

This a great item to add to your performance upgrade but be aware it may not fit with your cold air intake. [...]

By Chief Gunner from Tampa, Fl. | 4/2/10  
My first mod

The TBI spacer was the first thing i had bought for my '96 Chevy Blazer 4.3L ... I did notice a slight performance boost and an increase in mpg... but now it is paired up with a chip and a cold air intake, now i get crazy highway mpg compaired to stock.

By bkT from DFW, Texas | 3/2/10