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Fabtech Ball Joints

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After 3 tries on Amazon, these guys actually had the parts I needed

By Trent from Louisiana | 4/23/21  
Ball joint by Fabtech

I don't like to be squeezed into buying a product because that is the only one that fits. But Fabtech has proven worthy of its durability and name.

By Oradiant1 from Wilmington, NC | 6/11/12  
It's fabtech

Have had this 6" fabtech on wy two wheel drive chevy for 10+ years with no problems except the upper and lower ball joints, also had to replace the stock tie rod ends as well at the same time. Fabtech is very reliable and strong.

By 99 Silverado from N.P., C.A. | 3/8/11  
fabtech ball joints

Brand new upper balljoint for both passenger and driver side went in with out a problem. very pleased with my purchase.

By blackdodge from Houston, TX | 1/30/11  
4 wheel parts is like a dream come true

4 wheel parts are the only ones who could find the parts i needed for my truck thanks guys

By Rob: the mechanic from haleiwa hawaii | 3/18/10