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Mild sound.

Not as loud as advertised. Mild sound unless on throttle. Cold start is when it sounds best

By Michael from Virginia | 6/15/22  
Borla S-type cat back

Louder than I expected on the cold start minimal drone noise in the cab but definitely screams on a aggressive take off put it on a 2021 Chevy 5.3 trail boss self install was very easy took about 2hrs

By Eric from Sgv | 3/9/22  
Highly recommended

I love the new sound of my Chevy, now it sounds like a pickup truck. Not sure my MPG will go up, it sounds to cool when I step on it

By tarrike from Cave Creek AZ | 2/19/22  
Touring Exhaust System-140822

Definitely recommend this for those who want a good performing and looking exhaust that is quiet. I'm not a big fan of how these 3.6 JLs sound with an exhaust, so this was perfect for me. Tucked in nice and high, hidden away behind the bumper. I highly recommend it.

By Carlos H from Texas | 11/4/21  
2021 Silverado Borla S-type

Sounds great! Seems loud at startup but quiets down and has a nice deep tone! No drone! I would definitely buy it again! Install was a breeze!

By NEFLrst from Fernandina Beach | 6/7/21  
S-type cat-back

It was an easy install. The sound is great no drone sound

By Leon | 5/10/21  
Great product.

Received well packaged. Quality of the exhaust kit is highly noticed. Install was smooth with given instructions though I’d have to add it didn’t state that I needed a 19mm wrench or adjustable so it did cause a quick hiccup. It gives a nice deep tone and doesn’t have the annoying can sound. No drone noticed while driving on highway. Brings out the true V8 out.The dual tips compliments the trick entirely. Overall the Kit gives the look And sound the Titan should of received straight out the factory.

By CherrehPie from Jax, FL | 6/29/20