Jeep Renegade Parts & Accessories

A few small tweaks can enhance an already stellar ride. Whether you need to turn your vehicle into an off-road power machine, take the interior comfort level up a notch, boost driving performance or anything in between, count on 4WP for quality Jeep Renegrade accessories.

Off-Road Ready

While some people prefer established roads, for others, the exhilaration of making your own trails is irresistible. Although Jeeps are built for tough conditions, a few enhancements can provide reinforcement whether looking for extra protection or a smoother ride. At 4WP, we have an array of Jeep Renegrade off road parts to get your vehicle ready for anything. Our Jeep Renegrade exterior parts include wheels, fender flares, grilles, bug shields and much more to help you customize your ride. Whether you are in the market for a suspension lift for extra clearance or just starting to foray into off-roading and want some beefier tires, we make it easy to narrow down your search and find what you need.

Comfort and Performance Enhancements

Off-roaders and street drivers alike can appreciate keeping their vehicle running in optimal performance. You can count on 4WP to have a selection of Jeep Renegrade upgrades to fit your needs. Want to enhance the electronics or boost fuel injectors? We have multiple categories of performance parts to help you narrow down your search. For people more interested in keeping it clean and comfortable, check out our selection Jeep Renegrade interior parts. We carry mats, liners and seat covers to make cleanup a breeze, as well as replacement parts like air filters to ensure the atmosphere stays ideal. From the smallest to the biggest part, people passionate about their vehicles deserve the best parts at the best prices. 4WP has built long-standing relationships with the top manufacturers to ensure we only carry quality parts at competitive prices.

Jeep Renegade