Truxedo Tonneau Covers and Tonneau Cover Accessories

In an industry that seems to have explored every innovation, TruXedo still creates designs that improve the functionality of the soft tonneau cover. The Deuce is one example. These TruXedo tonneau covers are unique in that they combine the advantages of hinged and roll-up styles. You can use the Deuce's hinged opening to access just the front of the truck bed. Or, get full access by rolling the Deuce up against the cab.

Premium TruXedo tonneau covers

The Deuce is one of TruXedo's low-profile tonneau covers, which sit a scant ¾" above the bed rails. Also in this category is another roll-up model called the TruXedo Lo Pro QT. The Lo Pro QT does not have the hinged feature, but shares several other characteristics with the Deuce. For example, both are designed with automatic tension control. This means the cover, made of industrial-strength, leather-grain vinyl, fits tightly over the truck bed in any climate. Another convenience is the inside mounting system. Because the Deuce and Lo Pro QT mount on the inside of the truck rails, you can still accessorize with bed rails and rail caps.

The Deuce and Lo Pro QT latch on the rear driver's side. The Deuce also has a separate front release that opens the hinged section. Both of these TruXedo tonneau covers are supported by a limited lifetime warranty.

The Original TruXedo Soft Tonneau

TruXedo's "Original," high-profile tonneau cover has been a popular choice among truck owners since it was launched in 2000. The rails mount at 90 degrees, and the cover rests 1 1/2" above the bed. These TruXedo tonneau covers also use an inside mounting system, giving you the freedom to dress up your truck with bed rails, rail caps, and even a bed liner. Automatic tension control and a one-finger latch on the driver's side make this tonneau cover a low-maintenance accessory.

Affordable TruXedo tonneau covers

TruXedo's TruXport is an affordable way to protect your cargo. This roll-up cover installs on top of the truck bed rails, and attaches with hook-and-loop fasteners. The Velcro-style closure is faster and easier than a snap-style system, particularly when it's cold outside. Plus, you don't have to worry about the metal snaps rusting or breaking. The industrial-strength, leather-grain fabric on these TruXedo tonneau covers fits smoothly over the frame, providing the sleek look you want. The TruXedo TruXport is backed by a five-year limited warranty.

Toolbox and tonneau cover in one

TruXedo also produces a toolbox-and-tonneau kit called the TruXedoPlus Kit. An 11" x 18" toolbox with a black powdercoated lid pairs seamlessly with a durable, soft tonneau cover made of all-climate vinyl. One advantage of this kit is the weatherproofing — the seam of the tonneau cover and toolbox is fully sealed, as are all other edges of the toolbox. The tonneau cover has a limited lifetime warranty, and the toolbox has a five-year, limited warranty.

If you need a tonneau cover, TruXedo has a solution. Browse the TruXedo tonneau covers available for your truck today.