Truck & Jeep Performance Package Buyer's Guide - A Buyer's Guide for Jeep & Truck Performance Package Buyers |

Truck & Jeep Performance Packages

Putting together the right combinations of products to yield the most benefits while still maintaining your vehicle's reliability can be a frustrating challenge. Fortunately for you, 4 Wheel Parts and our stable of manufacturers offer performance packages that take all the guesswork out of modifying your ride. These packages offer you everything you need, including intake, exhaust, and tuning.

  • Banks Stinger System Performance Kit

    Banks Stinger System is a complete power system with engineered intake, exhaust, and fuel tuning upgrades for working and towing applications. It delivers rear-wheel best gains up to 75 hp and 153 lb-ft. of moderate-duty towing power that safely lives within the limits of the engine and powertrain. Optimum engine efficiency and durability, adjust-on-the-fly power, lower exhaust gas temperatures, and virtually no backpressure are also part of the Stinger package. And, with the EconoMind’s fuel economy features, you get more driving between fill-ups, too!

  • Banks Big Hoss Bundle

    The ultimate engineered power system for sport and racing applications, Big Hoss Bundle has a full gamut of Banks intake, turbo, exhaust, fuel tuning, and intercooling upgrades for Cummins.

    Big Hoss Bundle has ground-ripping, constant-duty power with optimum engine efficiency and durability, adjust-on-the-fly power levels, lower exhaust gas temperatures, and virtually no backpressure.

  • Banks Six-Gun Bundle

    No airflow gridlock.

    Banks Six-Gun Bundle replaces the power-robbing factory airflow inefficiencies with free-flowing components that dramatically increase intake airflow and air density, and expel exhaust with virtually no backpressure.

    Power that keeps its cool.

    Banks balances the improved airflow with advanced CleanTune Technology that nearly doubles the horsepower and adds up to 84% more torque than stock, without adding black smoke. This is tire-smoking, scenery-blurring power that keeps its cool, while rocketing you from 0-60 mph 33% quicker and nearly 200 feet before stock!

    Live long and run strong.

    Forget mismatched components. Run away from tuners that can destroy your engine. Everything in the Six-Gun Bundle is engineered to work together and maximize your engine's power, efficiency, and durability. Six-Gun Bundle honors your vehicle by safely living within the limits of your engine and powertrain. Your diesel will run stronger and live longer!