Top Truck Accessories for Your Work Truck |

Top Truck Accessories for Your Work Truck

Personalizing your truck doesn’t always mean flashy wheels and monstrous suspension. It could simply mean adding a few truck accessories that make your life easier.

Toolbox for storage and security

If you’re bored with your truck’s stock look, but don’t have a taste for aggressive styling, take a moment to consider how you use your truck. If you use the truck for work, you have many upgrade options that improve your hauling and storing capabilities. A truck toolbox, for example, keeps you organized, and lets you lock up expensive tools. Truck toolboxes are available in several styles, including:

  • Rail-to-rail toolbox.

    A rail-to-rail toolbox runs the full width of your truck bed, from one side rail to the other. Choose this type when you would rather give up some on the length of your truck bed to keep the full width available for cargo. The most common option here is the bed rail toolbox, which is installed just behind the back window of the truck.

  • Side rail toolbox.

    Side rail toolboxes are installed against the side rail. This allows you to keep the full length of your bed available for cargo, although you do give up some of the width.

  • Specialty toolboxes.

    This category includes various toolbox configurations that are more creative in design. For example, Dee Zee makes toolboxes that fit around your trailer tongue or against your wheel well. When you are concerned about giving up too much of your bed space, look into these specialty options for more space-efficient designs.

Truck bed tops and tonneau covers

Truck bed tops and tonneau covers convert your whole bed into an enclosed space. If you only need to protect your cargo from the elements, a soft tonneau or truck bed top might do the trick. Hard tonneau covers do have some advantages, though. They tend to reduce wind resistance, thus improving gas mileage over time. Hard tonneaus are also more secure, and many truck owners prefer the streamlined look of a hard cover. The downside is they are more difficult to remove and store than a soft bed cover.

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