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3 Easy Upgrades for Your Jeep

3 Easy Upgrades for Your Jeep

Half the fun of owning a Jeep is fixing it up to suit your lifestyle. And no matter what your skill level is with a wrench, you have many options for upgrades. Three products to start shopping for are Jeep tops, fender flares, and mud flaps.

A popular upgrade that changes the appearance and function of your Jeep is a new Jeep top. Because Jeeps are all-weather vehicles, aftermarket Jeep top manufacturers produce many options for different seasons and driving styles. The primary choices are mesh tops, hard tops, modular tops, and bikini tops.

Jeep tops for summer

Mesh tops and bikini tops are ideal for summer. You can feel the breeze gliding over your face, but you have just the right amount of shade from the sun. If you haven’t tried open-air driving in your Jeep, you’re missing out. You’ll find it’s a much different experience than riding in an enclosed cabin.

Jeep tops for winter

In cold or rainy seasons, a mesh or bikini top won’t provide enough protection from the elements —unless you like to wear layers of waterproof clothing just for driving. The cold-weather solution is a hardtop. It will keep your cabin warmer and more secure. You’ll also be protecting your Jeep’s exterior from rain, snow, and hail. Lastly, your highway driving with the hardtop on will be quieter and calmer.

Fender flares for protection

You may also consider upgrading those factory fender flares. Aftermarket fender flares alone or in combination with other easy upgrades can really transform the appearance of your Jeep. Add flat-style fender flares, pocket style, or tube fenders to play up your Jeep’s tougher side. Each style creates a different kind of look, so take your time shopping. Talk to your Jeeper friends and preview lots of images. After checking out all your options, you’ll gravitate towards the right style for you.

Also, if your tires stand a little wider than stock, the added width of some fender flares protects your Jeep’s painted surfaces from mud and debris.

Mud flaps for personality

Lastly, don’t forget the mud flaps. Mud flaps tell the world your Jeep’s built for driving on sloppy terrain. As with fender flares, mud flaps range from subtle to standout. Some also require drilling for installation. But once you have them installed, your mud flaps will keep your Jeep cleaner, protect your painted surfaces, and also prevent debris from impacting motorists behind you.