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Truck Performance Parts

Truck performance parts work to unlock your truck’s hidden power by allowing the engine to do its job more efficiently. All else being equal, an efficient engine uses less gas and produces more horsepower than an inefficient one. Therein lies the appeal of many performance parts — they can give you more horsepower and better fuel economy at the same time. The right performance upgrades may even pay for themselves over time, because you’ll spend less money at the pump.

The more popular performance parts categories include air filters and intakes, exhaust components, and performance electronics.

Air filters and intakes

Your engine can’t burn fuel without an adequate supply of clean air. Because stock air filters and intake systems are not designed for performance driving, they have built-in inefficiencies that impact your truck’s performance. Aftermarket air filters and intakes boost your truck’s horsepower by correcting these inefficiencies. As a result, your engine gets more air, which in turn makes for a more efficient combustion process. When the engine burns fuel more completely, it gets more power and better gas mileage.

Performance air filters achieve a balance between excellent filtration capabilities and high air flow. They’re also one of the easiest performance parts to install; just remove your old air filter and stick the new one in. Aftermarket intake systems go one step further by addressing the airway between the filter and the motor. Minimizing restrictions in this airway with more efficient tubing allows more air to flow through to the engine.

Performance exhaust products

Factory exhaust components suffer from the same problems that plague factory intake systems. Basically, they’re more restrictive than they could be. Aftermarket manufacturers help you correct these issues with complete systems, tail pipe tips, headers, mufflers, and exhaust manifolds. Some of these upgrades are bolt-on products, while others may require professional installation.

All aftermarket exhaust parts are designed to minimize back pressure that can result when exhaust gases don’t flow freely out of your engine. Back pressure is inefficient because it forces your pistons to work harder. Inefficiency means lost power and reduced fuel economy.

Performance electronics

Performance electronics parts include programmers, chips, and modules that tune your truck for the way you drive. While these products vary in their specific features, they are all designed to obtain immediate performance improvements. Some have built-in settings for specific types of driving, such as towing, and others give you the freedom to create your own tuning profiles. Programmers, chips, and modules can help you achieve various truck performance goals, including improving your fuel economy, throttle response, or towing performance.

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