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Maxxis ATV Tires — The Maxxis ATV Tire Review

Background on Maxxis ATV tires

Maxxis was established in the 1960s and has since become one of the world’s largest global tire companies. The company produces rubber for bicycles, autos, buses, motorcycles, race karts, and ATVs. Through this vast experience, Maxxis has established a firm foothold in the ATV sector, as demonstrated by the brand’s popularity among ATV racers and enthusiasts. The company fills a need in the ATV world by using advanced technology to produce its high-performing Maxxis ATV tires.

The company behind Maxxis ATV tires is an active sponsor of ATV events and riders. Champions who’ve raced and won on Maxxis ATV tires include Bill Ballance and Mike Cafro. Maxxis has also sponsored the 12 Hours of America ATV event and the WPSA ATV racing series.

All-purpose Maxxis ATV tires

The Cheng Shin is an affordable Maxxis ATV tire that delivers reliable performance and quality. These ATV tires have a knobby tread for traction and a two-ply rating.

Maxxis ATV tires for sport

Maxxis produces a full line of ATV tires for sport applications. Options include:

  • Maxxis ATV racing tires: Of all the Maxxis ATV tires available, the Razr models are probably the best known. Razrs are all over the place in GNCC, dirt track, and cross-country racing, which is a good indication of their performance and handling capabilities. If you’re into competition GNCC racing, you already know about the flagship Razr, and you’ve probably seen the Razr-2, Razr Ballance, and Race Razr. There’s also a Razr designed just for ATV motocross, with small knobs for sharp cutting. Dirt-trackers like the lightweight Razr TT, which aids quick acceleration and tight steering.
  • ATV tires for mud and sand riding: The Maxxis Front Pro is an option if you want tight handling on muddy and sandy surfaces. This design features a multi-direction tread pattern and aggressive shoulder knobs that grip in all sorts of conditions, even while cornering. The Front Pro is available in several ply ratings.
  • Maxxis ATV snow tires: The simple tread design on Maxxis 4-Snow tires grips on loose surfaces, including sand, ice, and snow. A soft tread compound maintains flexibility when it’s cold, so you won’t get jostled around more just because the temperature has dropped.

Maxxis ATV tires for utility

Maxxis ATV utility tires are engineered for comfort and reliability, no matter what tasks are on your to-do list. Popular options include:

  • Razr 4-Speed ATV tires: This is the utility version of the sportier, original Razr. The main features are the lightweight, radial design, plus a knobby tread for better traction.
  • Zilla ATV tires: Consider Maxxis Zillas if you need your ATV to handle cleanly through muddy territory. The tread pattern sheds mud and provides a smooth ride. These tires have a six-ply rating.
  • Bighorn ATV tires: Bighorns are popular among riders and utility racers who demand handling and ride comfort. These radial tires offer nice shock absorption and good cornering capability.
  • Ceros ATV tires: On the Ceros, it’s the tread pattern that makes the difference. The Maxxis ATV tire team designed the Ceros tread to balance traction performance with steering accuracy, stability, and braking reliability.
  • Mudzilla ATV tires: Mudzillas have huge tread bars that dig in and grip in the mud. What’s nice is those same tread bars provide a relatively smooth ride on hard surfaces. These Maxxis ATV tires have a six-ply rating, so they’re durable even on unpredictable terrain.

ATV enthusiasts who ride on Maxxis ATV tires enjoy the versatility, performance, and affordability of the Maxxis brand.