Magnaflow Exhaust Review & Buying Guide |

MagnaFlow Exhaust

California-based MagnaFlow has been producing effective aftermarket exhaust components for decades. The manufacturer has earned the loyalty of enthusiasts by producing exhaust equipment that delivers in three areas: quality, power, and sound.

MagnaFlow’s product catalog includes mufflers, complete cat-back exhaust systems, and tips, plus catalytic converters, pipes, tubing, custom builder kits, and race parts. A more recent addition to the line-up is the MagnaFlow Off-Road Pro Series turn-down, bolt-on system. This MagnaFlow exhaust system is perfect for vehicles with custom suspension and unique space requirements, because it can be installed in various configurations.

Quality and power of MagnaFlow exhausts

Quality is a huge focus for MagnaFlow. The company has achieved ISO-9001: 2008 certification and continues be re-audited twice annually to ensure adherence to rigorous quality standards. This is just one reason why MagnaFlow can offer extended warranties on most of its products. Other factors include the company’s use of premium components and state-of-the-art technologies.

MagnaFlow engineers also recognize that enthusiasts demand noticeable power gains from their aftermarket exhaust products. The company respects this customer demand — and even pledges not to sell exhaust products that don’t deliver performance improvements over stock. To meet this pledge, MagnaFlow’s manufacturing process relies heavily on dyno testing. You can view these dyno results by make, model, and year of vehicle on MagnaFlow’s website.

The sound of MagnaFlow exhaust

Sound is an important quality for aftermarket exhaust systems. Enthusiasts generally like their exhaust sound to be quiet when cruising, but deep and smooth upon acceleration. MagnaFlow engineers achieve this balance by optimizing the design and using appropriate fill materials. Two examples include MagnaFlow’s straight-through design and the use of tightly packed, acoustical fiber fill.

MagnaFlow exhaust products for trucks

MagnaFlow produces exhausts for all types of vehicles, including trucks and SUVs. Among truck owners, popular systems include MagnaFlow’s Off-Road Pro Series systems and Performance Series systems. The Off-Road Pro Series is MagnaFlow’s most versatile system in terms of configuration options. This may be your choice if your truck’s suspension is heavily modified and a conventional exhaust setup won’t fit. The Performance Series systems are known for their durability and lifetime warranty. Both systems are available for gasoline and diesel applications. Other MagnaFlow exhaust systems include the XL Series, Pro Series, and the D-Fit Series.

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