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Jeep Soft Top Guide

Jeep Soft Top Guide

Not all Jeep soft tops are created alike. In fact, when it's time to purchase a Jeep soft top, you'll be surprised at the variety of models you'll find. From half tops to sailcloth tops to sunriders, there's a soft top out there for everyone. To help you figure out which one fits your needs, here's a breakdown of some of the big name Jeep soft tops to help guide you in your decision.

Replace-a-Top or Replacement Tops

When you see the words "replace" or "replacement" associated with a Jeep top, it generally means that there aren't any extra features or fancy upgrades. These Jeep soft tops are meant to be a direct replacement for a worn out factory top. There aren't going to be any bells or whistles to set them apart from the crowd except they will have a higher quality fabric than factory tops, which means they will last longer and perform better. Plus they're one of the most economical options available.

Half Tops

The reason most people get a Jeep bikini top or windjammer is that they really don't want to give up that open air experience that comes with a Jeep. But really, half tops provide much more protection while still maintaining that open air feeling. The trick is in all the options that allow you to customize the Jeep soft top for your own comfort. Mesh screens provide a semi-protected environment while allowing the soft breeze to waft through. If you want even more, the windows zip out and the roof folds back so you can soak up that sun. But in a pinch, all these components seal closed again to provide you with a little more protection.

Sailcloth Tops

One of the biggest complaints of Jeep soft tops is that they flap in the wind and cause a lot of noise at high speeds. But what if you could get a soft top that is actually quieter than a lot of hard tops? It's practically unheard of, but then again so are Sailcloth Jeep tops. Instead of the standard 2-ply fabric, they use 4-ply fabric that reduces cabin noise at highway speeds by up to 50%. Because it's a higher grade fabric, these Jeep soft tops also come with a number of other benefits including longer lifespan, tear resistance, and better temperature control.

Sunriders and Flip Tops

If you're in a car with a sunroof, you can just hit a button and get some fresh air and sun right through the roof of your vehicle. This is the principle that Sunrider and flip top Jeep soft tops are based off of. In just a few seconds, you can flip or fold back a portion of the Jeep top to become its own kind of sunroof. Sure, it doesn't have a fancy electronic gadget but it still works in a matter of seconds and gives you the sun and air you want.

The list of all the different Jeep soft tops on the market goes on and on – this is just a sampling of some of the most popular choices. With such a huge variety available, it's easy to see how you can find the Jeep soft top that perfectly suits your needs.