Pro Comp Lift Shield Warranty

4Wheel Drive Hardware now sells Pro Comp lift kits covered under Pro Comp's unprecedented Lift Shield supplemental warranty plan. The Lift Shield warranty is offered with many of Pro Comp's best-selling lift kits, and covers a vehicle's powertrain for the life of its dealer warranty - up to five years or 60,000 miles. Pro Comp provides the Lift Shield plan for free with the purchase, installation, and registration of a qualifying Pro Comp lift kit.

The lift kit must have a part number included in the program, it must be installed by an authorized service center, which includes the 4Wheel Drive Hardware service center, and the kit must be registered with Pro Comp for the free warranty to be activated. The Lift Shield warranty plan covers the cost of repairs needed for the vehicle's powertrain if any issues arise while under dealer warranty, if the dealer won't cover the repairs.

The Lift Shield plan is an industry-leading initiative to offer customers increased peace-of-mind when upgrading vehicles under factory warranty. ProComp puts its products through intense testing and development, allowing the company to offer increased protection to its customers due to its high commitment to quality. Qualifying purchases may be made at the 4Wheel Drive Hardware store, by phone at 800-555-3353, or online through

For more information about the Lift Shield warranty, and for a complete list of qualifying kits, please visit