Jeep Suspension Lift Kits Guide: An In-Depth Look at Jeep Lift Kits |

Jeep Suspension Lift Kits: In-Depth Look at Jeep Lift Kits

Jeep Suspension Lift Kits: In-Depth Look at Jeep Lift Kits

When shopping for Jeep lift kits, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of features, technical specifications, and everything else related to Jeep suspension lift kits.

This is primarily because there are a wide variety of Jeep lift kits to choose from. Of course, having choices certainly isn’t a bad thing, but it can also make things a bit daunting for the inexperienced consumer.

So for your convenience, we’ll take a closer look at two big name manufacturers of Jeep suspension lift kits to assist you with your shopping.


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Pro Comp Lift Kits For years, Pro Comp has been dedicated to crafting the finest Jeep lift kits that deliver an optimal blend of performance, style, versatility, and dependability.

No other Jeep suspension manufacturer offers a selection as extensive as Pro Comp. Their lineup features everything from moderate lift JK systems, to premium Stage I and II kits for off road terrain, and even Jeep lift kits for YJ, CJ, XJ, and ZJ Jeeps.

But Pro Comp Jeep lift kits are no slouch on performance, either. They have been trail-tested and proven to offer a smooth ride, superb control, and excellent stability, even in off road conditions.

Best of all, Pro Comp Jeep lift kits are priced affordably and their simple, bolt-on design makes it easier than ever to own and install a new Pro Comp Jeep suspension lift.

The Bottom Line:

Pro Comp offers Jeep lift kits for nearly every model of Jeep with suspensions that range from moderate to extreme, all with convenient bolt-on hardware.


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Fabtech lift Kits Fabtech crafts Jeep suspension lift kits with the off road professional in mind. Their competition-proven line of Jeep lift kits has helped to establish their reputation as a premier manufacturer of suspension systems.

The secret behind Fabtech Jeep lift kits is in the intensive research and design that goes into each piece of hardware. Teams of engineers customize each Jeep suspension lift for both style and function, and then Fabtech’s high tech manufacturing process takes over.

The end result is a line of Jeep lift kits that devastates the competition in quality, dependability, and extreme performance.

For premium TJ and YJ Jeep lift kits, including professional-grade 6” and 8” applications, look no further than Fabtech.

The Bottom Line:

It’s hard to find a better Jeep suspension lift than Fabtech. Count on their lineup of top-grade Jeep lift kits to deliver hardcore off road performance unlike anything else.

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