Three Things Your Jeep Needs to Tackle Any Situation

Three Things Your Jeep Needs to Tackle Any Situation

When you’re preparing for on off-road adventure, it’s important that you prepare your vehicle for anything you may encounter. Although you’ll know before you venture out the basics of the terrain you’ll be driving through, you may not be aware of everything that awaits you. There are several important Jeep essentials you need, including an upgraded suspension, a new soft top, and storage aids that make hauling gear simple and productive.

Each of these essentials provides an improved user experience while out on the trail. The suspension helps you clear tougher terrain than a factory suspension would allow. A better soft top provides improved protection from the elements while still giving you the feel of an open-air ride. Organized storage solutions allow you to haul more gear in the same amount of space, giving you more options for the types of trails you can tackle.


One of the top Jeep essentials is an upgraded suspension. Whether you install a full lift kit, or simply improved shocks and struts while maintaining OEM ride height, an upgraded system will provide a smoother ride that can withstand the rough and tumble nature of most off-road trails. A full lift kit can raise your Jeep 2, 3, or even 4 inches, which will help you navigate tough, rocky, terrain with ease. You can install an even more radical lift of 5 inches or more, but such high ride-profiles are best suited to extreme rock-crawling or competitive off-roading applications.

Soft top

Factory soft tops can quickly degrade, and often don’t provide the performance that you need for rugged adventures. Among the often overlooked Jeep essentials is an aftermarket soft top from Bestop or Rancho. An aftermarket soft top offers high-quality material infused with UV-inhibiting chemicals that protect soft top from accelerated degradation from sunlight and inclement weather. A soft top can be quickly installed and removed anywhere, even on the trail, and if attached using quick-ties or snaps, the only tool you need is your hand. Some soft tops provide a rollback flap that acts as a sunroof, which provides you with an open-air ride. If the weather gets rough, simply roll the flap forward and stay dry wherever you go.


There are several storage products that are Jeep essentials, helping you optimize the finite amount of space available in your vehicle. The internal cargo area of a Jeep is small, and the amount of gear, tools, and equipment required for many off-road trips can quickly overwhelm such a limited amount of space. Use an internal cargo organizer to maximize the available space, offering small cubbies for tools and tiny items, and larger compartments for big items. External racks offer more storage capacity, giving you a place to store water/fuel containers, a spare tire, an external tool or cargo box, or just about anything that you can tie down.