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Three Types of Gear for any Off-Road Trip

Three Types of Gear for any Off-Road Trip

When it comes to off-roading, outfitting a vehicle can be overwhelming. Whether you ride through thick forests, massive rock formations, vast deserts, or swampy bogs, there are several types of gear you need to make sure you get through the trip. An auxiliary set of Hella lights can help illuminate dark trails far away from the lights of civilization, while a stout winch can help pull your vehicle out of any obstacle. Also, the inclusion of aftermarket storage solutions can maximize the available cargo space of your rig, allowing you to bring extra tools, gear, and equipment into the wilderness.

Auxiliary lighting

When setting up a system of KC or Hella lights for an auxiliary setup, it’s important to match the gear to the application. This means that you need to install the proper number of lights without overloading on incandescence. If your truck or Jeep isn’t going to head deep into the backcountry, chances are a more modest auxiliary light system will suffice. A couple of lights affixed to the rig’s front bumper will usually provide enough additional light for trails close to civilization, or if you’re caught out later than you expect but can find your way through the twilight of dusk. For deep excursions, overnight adventures, or for vehicles that will be used as recovery rigs, a full system is advised. This system will usually include a full light bar with four, five, or even six 9-inch lights.


In addition to a system of Hella lights, a properly outfitted off-road rig should have a mounted winch for recovery or self-recovery operations. Threatening obstacles occur even on the tamest of trails, and the best way to keep rolling is to plan ahead with the proper gear. The most important factor to consider when selecting a winch is the weight and type of vehicle you plan to use. Winches come in various line-pull capacities, which is the maximum amount of weight that can be safely and effectively pulled. This means that you must factor the laden weight of your rig, which means including all off-road gear it carries, when selecting the winch with the right line-pull capacity.

Storage solutions

When you install Hella lights or an adequate winch, you may think you’re ready to take on the great outdoors, but nothing could be further from the truth. Most rigs, especially Jeeps, don’t have enough cargo space for all of the gear and equipment needed for a fun and successful off-road excursion. There are certain products available that maximize a vehicle’s existing storage capacity, allowing you to carry more gear with you. This allows you to push farther into the hinterlands. If you drive a Jeep, consider a roof or hood rack, a tow-hitch receiver rack, or an internal cargo organizer.