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Axle and Gear Packages

Tires and wheels probably aren’t the only off-road truck and Jeep parts that you’re looking for. Though there may be a wide range of manufacturers and retailers to choose from, it’s hard to know who you can trust to get the high quality parts you want at the price you deserve.

  • G2 Axle & Gear Ring and Pinions

    G2 Axle & Gear uses advanced technology in the production of high-grade ring and pinion sets for performance applications. Our gears are made to handle the toughest driving conditions, forged from 8620 steel. For high-performance applications, we offer the Performance Series, with gears made for strength and durability.

  • Motive Gear Standard Performance Ring and Pinions

    For a high-quality, OEM replacement, Motive Gear's Standard Performance kit fits most light-duty applications. Motive Gear manufactures the Standard Performance ring and pinion from 8620 steel, and it is CNC machined throughout, with computer controlled heat treatment. The Standard Performance kit is intended for daily drivers of all types.

  • Dana Spicer Ring and Pinions
    Alloy USA Ring and Pinions

    Alloy USA produces affordable ring and pinion gears in many common ratios. Larger wheels need a tall ring and pinion ratio to maintain performance. Alloy USA makes its kits from 8620 steel, using Gleason gear-cutting technology. This produces gears that are made for the long haul. Alloy USA also offers complete overhaul kits. Alloy USA offers an exclusive three-year warranty for its ring and pinion sets.

  • G2 Master Installation Kits

    Use a G2 Axle & Gear master installation kit to get your ring and pinion in your differential quickly and easily. The master kit offers all of the bearings and components you need in one simple package.

  • G2 Differential Installation Kits

    A G2 Axle & Gear installation kit offers an all-in-one-box solution for installing a ring and pinion set into a differential. Installation kits include the bearings and components you need to complete the job, and G2 also makes the seal kits and bearing puller tools needed to accomplish the toughest installations.