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Aberdeen, Idaho is the birthplace of a legend in aftermarket auto parts: Bullydog chips. This company is a true family affair. Three brothers — Daryl, Phillip, and Michael Klassen — started Bullydog on the family farm in 1998, after being inspired by their father’s passion for enhancing vehicles to increase performance. The first Bullydog product was a propane injection system for diesel vehicles.

Today, the Bullydog name is most often associated with performance chips. These performance solutions include:

Bullydog PMT Tuner

PMT stands for Performance Management Tool. These Bullydog chips are all-in-one controllers, monitors, downloaders, and gauges. If you have a diesel pickup, this is a premium tuner to give you one thing in particular: power. When you install this Bullydog chip, you can increase horsepower to as much as 140 and improve torque up to 200 lb-ft. An added bonus is increased engine efficiency. Not only will you get an incredible power boost, but these Bullydog chips will also boost your savings on gas. Choose from a variety of horsepower settings, including extreme, performance, tow, and stock.

Triple Dog GT Diesel Tuner

In this one compact unit you get four tools: a monitor, gauge, tuner, and diagnostic device. There are significant improvements within these Bullydog chips that will improve the overall performance of your diesel vehicle. First of all, Triple Dog Tuners feature more than 15 different vehicle parameters. Among these parameters is the brand new Driving Coach, which actually guides you on which settings will maximize the fuel economy of your particular vehicle. You can also use these Bullydog chips to read and erase diagnostic trouble codes, which is a feature rarely available in other aftermarket products. You can even test out the performance of your vehicle on the drag strip with a performance testing feature. Get these Bullydog chips for most late-model diesel pickups, including GM, Ford, and Dodge.

Triple Dog GT Gas Tuner

Want to get all the great performance options offered with the other Bullydog chips, but for your gas vehicle? The Triple Dog GT also comes in models that work with gas engines. These gas tuners deliver all the same great features, including increased horsepower, torque, and fuel economy.

With this selection of Bullydog chips, there is a product available for every vehicle. Take a few minutes to install one of these performance solutions and you will be on your way to more power, improved fuel mileage, and better customization than you’ve ever seen in an aftermarket tuner.