Differential Covers - Buyer's Guide

The right differential cover not only adds a tough, aggressive look to your vehicle's differential, it also adds strength and rigidity to the axle housing itself. This can have the benefits of helping cool your differential fluids. With so many styles, materials, and finishes to choose from, there is sure to be one that fits your rig and style to a tee.

  • G2 Axle aluminum differential covers are designed to protect your ring and pinion from impact, and help cool your gear oil for prolonged bearing life. Made from high-strength, heat-treated aluminum to withstand direct hits, these covers help protect your investment while adding a distinct look to your vehicle.

  • G2 Axle & Gear nodular iron differentials are designed to take all the abuse that the toughest black diamond trails can dish out. These covers are cast from super-strong, nodular iron and are stronger than the axle itself.

  • Rancho Differential covers are manufactured from high-strength nodular iron for added axle and internal gear protection. Ribbed external construction provides added strength. The off-set, oversized fill plug increases fluid capacity and makes filling easier and quicker. This Rancho differential cover is finished with a durable red powder coat.

  • ARB 4x4 Accessories, an Australian-based four-wheel parts manufacturer, wants you to protect your ARB Air Locker with the new ARB differential cover! ARB Air Locking Differentials are engineered to take your adventures to competitive heights, but getting there can be harsh too. That's why ARB has developed the ultimate differential cover to protect your axle assemblies.

  • Mag Hytec offers heavy-duty differential covers designed specifically to increase the life of your rear end by adding oil capacity and improving cooling. With added features such as an O-ring seal, magnetic drain plug, and oil-level dipstick, these covers will make general maintenance much easier.

  • Lube Locker Differential Gaskets replace messy silicone and leaking cover gaskets. The Lube Locker Gasket has embossed elastomer beading for a positive seal all the time, every time.