Axles - Buyer's Guide

When you are driving off-road or in a performance setting, it is important to know that you're going to be able to put the power down when you need to. 4 Wheel Parts offers a large selection of upgraded and replacement axles for your vehicle, giving you the confidence you're looking for to tackle those trails.

  • G2 Rear Axle Kits are made from high-tensile alloy steels. These axles are forged and heat-treated for maximum strength. Big spline options allow you to take advantage of even more added strength, gained from the larger diameter of the shafts. The larger diameter enables the shafts to withstand much higher torsional loads than the stock diameter. With either option, you can be assured that the weakest point of your driveline will not be your axle shafts.

  • High tensile strength 4340 chromoly is heat-treated twice to produce these heavy-duty axles that are up to 40% stronger. They're covered by an exclusive 10-year warranty. The shafts come completely assembled with inner and outer shafts, U joints, and full-circle clips. The sets include both passenger and driver sides.

  • G2 offers its line of chromoly axles individually for easy repair or as an upgrade. They're also great for picking and choosing the appropriate length for your custom application.

  • TEN Factory Replacement Axles are designed as direct replacements for OE axle shafts without modifications. OE axles are typically made from a low-cost material and designed for average use. TEN Factory Replacement Axles are made from high-manganese 1541H material, allowing a deeper and harder heat treatment. These replacement axles are backed by a 10-year replacement warranty.

  • Don’t just replace your axle shafts, upgrade them. For less than the cost of an original replacement axle shaft, you can upgrade to an Alloy USA performance shaft. Our axles are made from 1541H or 4140 steel, depending on the application. Each axle is heat-treated and induction-hardened to have twice the tensile strength of stock. They're up to 35% stronger!