ATV Tires are made for numerous terrains by ATV tire makers like Kenda, Maxxis and ITP |

ATV Tires and ATV Tire Makers

Stock ATV tires are adequate for light use in moderate conditions. But once you add mud, snow, high speeds, tight cornering, or hauling to the mix, you may realize you need a tire upgrade. A good set of aftermarket ATV tires delivers improved handling, ride comfort, and wear resistance — which mostly means you can go more places at faster speeds on your ATV.

Overview of ATV tire makers

If you narrow your list of tire choices down to the top handful of brands, you really can’t go wrong in terms of quality. Your choice might instead come down to cost, looks, or brand image. For example, if you like the looks and traction performance of a very deep and aggressive tread pattern, then Super Swamper Swamp Lites might be for you. Or, you might prefer the price and versatility of Kenda K290 Scorpions. Whatever your choice, 4 Wheel Parts has an ATV tire for you. We carry the following high-quality ATV tire brands.

ITP ATV tires

ITP is an industry leader with an award-wining line-up of ATV tires. The company is based in Ontario, Calif., and maintains a visible presence within the ATV racing and enthusiast community. Popular ATV tires by ITP include the AT489 and 589. AT489 tires are all-purpose, OEM replacements that come in many sizes. ITP 589s are more specifically engineered for mud and snow.

Kenda ATV tires

Kenda Tire has a reputation for innovation in the ATV tire industry. This manufacturer produces a full line of affordable, high-quality ATV tires, including the Bearclaw and Scorpion models. The Bearclaw’s specialty is traction in mud, and the Scorpion is an economical OEM replacement tire with a two-ply rating.

Maxxis ATV tires

The Maxxis brand produces race-proven tires that generally hold up under tough terrain and heavy use. Riders choose Maxxis Zilla and Maxxis CST Ancla tires again and again. Zillas are lightweight tires with huge tread bars for mud traction and an even ride. CST Anclas deliver reliable traction, both on- and off-road, plus superior puncture resistance.

STI ATV tires

The STI brand produces Mud Trax, a utility tire for mud and hardpack riding. Mud Trax tires have thick, angled tread bars for traction and a puncture-resistant, six-ply casing.

Super Swamper ATV tires

Super Swamper ATV tires are made by Interco Tire, based in Louisiana. This brand is largely known for reliability and handling. Two popular Super Swamper models are the Swamp Lite and TSL Vampire ATV tires. Swamp Lites have a six-ply rating and perform well on both slushy and hard terrain. Ultra strong and reliable Vampires are puncture-resistant, but designed to remain operative even if they do lose air pressure.

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