4x4 Performance Options for Your Truck or Jeep

Old Man Emu & 4x4 Performance Options for Your Jeep or Truck

When it comes to off-roading, the journey is the destination. Just because you’re heading off of the beaten path, doesn’t mean that the ride has to be rough and uncomfortable. There are a number of performance components that you can install to get the most out of your rig on any type of terrain. In addition to improving how your vehicle handles, suspension upgrades give you the ability to accommodate larger wheels and tires, as well as maintain a specific drivetrain geometry that can improve several performance metrics. Suspension components from Rancho Suspension, Smittybilt, Old Man Emu, and other manufacturers come in single components or complete kits.

Lift kits

Complete kits will usually include all of the components you need for a comprehensive overhaul and upgrade of the suspension system. The heart of any Old Man Emu, Rubicon Express, or Smittybilt system is the amount of lift that the kit provides. Mild lift kits will raise the vehicle between one and two and a half inches, while a more aggressive lift will raise the vehicle three inches or more. A lift kit will usually include all of the components and hardware you need for installation, but in some instances, you may need to acquire bushes and other necessary gear separately prior to installing the kit.

Wheels and tires

One of the benefits of an upgraded Old Man Emu, Smittybilt, or Rancho suspension system is that you can safely use larger wheels and tires. This puts more power to the terrain, giving you better handling and traction. There are two basic types of wheels, alloy and steel. Use steel wheels if you plan to go off-road often, tackling the toughest trails. If you simply want better performance on the highway, or for towing, alloy wheels are lighter, giving you better braking performance.