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01 Toyota Tacoma Overlander Camping

Extreme Camping Buyer’s Guide: 4 Accessories You Need

The camping season is fast arriving and having been gripped in the throes of a nasty global pandemic for the past two years, it’s only natural to crave the great outdoors once again. The thrill of traveling to destinations unknown, conquering off-road trails, and camping in the wild, only to enjoy stunning vistas and observe wildlife in their natural habitat, is a draw that few can resist. 

While you’ve spent time and money ensuring that your truck, off-roader, or SUV is ready for the task with modifications and enhancements, one area that tends to be overlooked is camping gear. With that in mind, we’ve put together a short list of just four items that we hope will kickstart something in your mind. We’ve chosen a rooftop tent, awning, fridge freezer, and air mattress. 

Of course, there are some critical accessories that you should keep in your vehicle when hitting the trails, regardless of whether you’re planning on camping or not. These include paper maps, in case there’s no cell reception out there, phone charging cables, power banks, powerful flashlights, a first aid kit, and ample supplies of fuel, food and drinking water just in case you get lost or stuck and need to spend a night in your vehicle. Wet wipes and a change of clothes wouldn’t go amiss either.

Overlanding has definitely become somewhat trendy. While we don’t have the time or money to go to the tip of South America, we are all about getting out of the office, camping and exploring.

Smittybilt Overlander Roof Top Tent

Smittybilt are experts at camping gear, and they’ve got some useful products for camping that don’t need you to waste time pitching tent poles and finding the perfect spot to erect a tent upon. No sir, your vehicle’s roof becomes the spot with the Smittybilt Overlander Roof Top Tent

The basic offering comes in Coyote Tan, costs around $1,300, and uses your vehicle’s roof to erect the tent upon. Made from sturdy 600D rip-stop polyester, it’s highly durable and waterproof as well. You’ve got mosquito screens, a telescoping ladder, a 60mm high-density foam mattress with a removable cover, and an LED strip light. With a maximum load capacity of 661lbs, it can sleep two to three persons, and comes with the necessary mounting brackets, plus a one-year warranty. 

If you need more space, for just under $1,550, you can reward yourself with the XL version in the same color, which is larger, has a payload capacity of 770lbs, and can sleep up to four persons. Bear in mind that your vehicle’s roof should be able to support a rooftop tent, and you can ask our friendly experts if you’re unsure.

10 smittybilt gen2 8ft awning

ARB Awning with Light Sleeve

A rooftop tent is great to retire for the night, but how about creating your own little verandah to sit under and watch the sun go down, or for shade at mid-day? That’s what an awning such as this ARB Awning with Light Sleeve will enable you to enjoy. Measuring in at 6.5ft by 8ft, it ensures that no-one is left uncovered, and has a built-in light strip for better visibility as the sun dips beneath the horizon. It mounts to most roof racks or bars, and can be deployed in as little as 30 seconds! 

The durable PVC-lined polyester fabric is waterproof, and offers UV shielding too, while telescopic legs make height adjustment a breeze. All pegs, guy ropes, mounting hardware and even a spanner are included in the $402 purchase price.

04 ARB Freezer Fridge

ARB Zero Single-Zone Fridge Freezer

It’s always useful to take a fridge freezer with you on a camping trip, as it allows you to keep your food and beverages appropriately chilled. The ARB Zero Single-Zone Fridge Freezer is available in 38 quart, 47 quart or 63 quart variants, and comes with anti-condensation technology, LED interior lighting, and DC power input, while the larger variants offer dual-DC inlets at either end, an AC inlet, as well as a 5V phone charging port. An LED display allows you to check the set temperature quickly and easily as well. The 47-quart and 63-quart models even have integrated Bluetooth for wireless monitoring via an Android or iOS smartphone and app, as well as a Boost function for rapid cooling. Prices start at $1,222 for the 38-quart, and go to $1,479 for the 63-quart.

Smittybilt’s Gen2 Overlander tent uses 600d heavy-duty rip stop polyester material for a waterproof and polyurethane-impregnated top wrapped around anodized aluminum tent poles. The lightweight, waterproof 420d oxford rainfly adds an additional layer of protection, and the memory foam mattress ensures a great night sleep. When not in use, the heavy-duty 1040gsm, 2000d PVC cover protects your tent from mud and dust on the trail.

Napier Sportz Air Mattresses

Even if your tent comes with a padded floor, an air mattress can further enhance your comfort, especially during sleepy time. Napier has a range of Sportz Air Mattresses that start at just $112, and can fit in most tents, as well as truck beds. The compact model comes in at 75 inches long by 42 inches wide, and the full-size retains the length, but takes the width up to 50 inches. 

Regardless of which model you choose, you’re getting durable construction that can support up to 400lbs, with a rated sleeping capacity of two persons, a flocked top to prevent slipping, and a built-in hand-pump that doesn’t require batteries or a power source. A carrying bag is included for easy storage when not in use, and you also get a 30-day warranty, which is more than can be said for air mattresses bought from other vendors.

Smittybilt’s camping chair is constructed from a lightweight aluminum frame and durable cordura fabric. It features a fold up table with an integrated coffee cup holder and removable, insulated cooler bag with padded grab handle. Padded armrests, seat base, and back rest ensure comfort after a long day on the trail.

Everything for the Camping and Outdoor Lifestyle from 4 Wheel Parts

There are plenty of places from which you can get your camping and outdoor lifestyle gear fix, but few can match the sheer array of products that we at 4 Wheel Parts offer. With thousands of products from hundreds of the world’s best brands, you can’t go wrong when visiting one of our 90+ stores located nationwide, or hitting up the 4WP website and making purchases from wherever you’re comfortable. We’ve got six distribution centers dedicated towards assuring efficient logistics, so that your purchases reach your doorstep pronto.

It’s not just camping and outdoor lifestyle gear that we carry, but the entire gamut of off-roading gear for almost any truck, off-roader or SUV sold in North America. Our price-matching policy ensures that you don’t pay excessively, and we offer comprehensive warranties where applicable. Choose 4 Wheel Parts and it’s a choice for life.