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Three Spring Road Trip Destinations & Must-Have Camping Gear

Depending on where you are, you may still be experiencing winter weather. However, spring is right around the corner, meaning it’s time to start planning out visits to your favorite camping destinations.  

Before you chart your course, 4 Wheel Parts wants to help you have the best campsite must-haves and find some exciting destinations to ensure your next trip is equal parts fun and safe. Below are our recommendations for camping locations you may want to explore and camping accessories you should check out. 

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Best Spring Camping Destinations 

Below are our picks for some exciting camping destinations to consider. Remember that some locations may require a reservation and an entry cost. So, be sure to check their requirements and features before visiting. 

Yosemite National Park

If mountain views and California sunshine are your things, Yosemite National Park should be on your list. Open for reservations 365 days out of the year, this is a park that allows you to plan for your visit. With almost 1,200 square miles of space, you can experience natural settings and experiences like Giant Sequoia trees, pristine hiking trails, rock climbing, and water events like fishing and boating. Yosemite National Park allows you to get as bare bones or as luxurious as possible. You can stay in tents or reside in cabins and visit nearby restaurants. 

Great Smoky Mountain National Park 

What if you can’t go out west? Well, if you’re located on the east coast, you have various options, but Great Smoky Mountain National Park is a premier camping destination. Not only does the park have the usuals – beautiful hiking trails, horseback riding, and scenic picnic areas – but Great Smoky Mountain National Park also comes with some excellent amenities. Campers can enjoy nature-centered educational workshops, guided hikes, and proximity to attractions like Dollywood. 

Indiana Dunes State Park

The Midwest also has a lot to offer for campers in the area who want to stay local. Indiana Dunes State Park has a significant natural landmark going for it: beaches with shores that play host to Lake Michigan. From enormous sand dunes to the opportunity to jump into nine miles of hiking trails, Indiana Dunes State Park has a lot to offer for campers. The park also has various nature-related visitor events, like Greenhouse planting days and the 1.5-mile dunes hiking challenge.

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Must-Have Safety Gear

Whether you’re planning to trek to Yosemite or tackle the dunes in Indiana, you need the right camping accessories to address your needs. 

Tire Inflation Kit

When you decide to go on a camping trip, your vehicle becomes your hub. It’s your gateway in and out of the location. So, you want to ensure you can leave in an emergency if necessary. For this reason, it’s crucial to have a tire inflation kit. 

A good tire inflation kit can ensure that your tires are an adequate PSI or pounds per square inch, which is even more critical if you’re in an off-roading situation (which you likely will be). Check out our ARB Inflation Accessory Kit which has a 20-foot hose and offers a quick disconnect. 

Chemical Fire Extinguisher

Unfortunately, accidents happen, and you want to ensure you’re prepared, especially when dealing with open flames. You’ll likely be dealing with fire to prepare and preserve food. This chemical fire extinguisher is a must-have camping accessory. It can help you quickly take care of a fire should it occur. 

Camping Tools 

You may need to cut, hammer, or shovel out of a problem while camping. Many things can come up, which is why it helps to have various camping tools at your disposal. The Smitybilt Trail Axe, Recovery Utility Tool and Shovel, and Explorer Tool Pak can give you the resources you need to manage various issues that can occur while camping. 

Campsite Lighting 

When camping, the only light you might have is the one from the moon and the stars, and that’s if you’re lucky enough to get a clear sky. Therefore, invest in robust, weather-proof lighting to handle daily camping tasks and view your surroundings. Check out our Rough Country Telescoping Campsite Light LED Kit and ARB Rooftop Tent and Awning Light for exterior and interior lighting options. 

Roof Top Tent

You have a lot of options regarding where you decide to camp. While you can put your tent on the ground, there might be times when it’s safer to elevate it. If wild animals are in the area or the location is susceptible to rain and flooding, having a roof top tent can save you and your belongings. The Smittybilt GEN2 Overlander Tent – 2583 can sleep two to three people, has a max load rating of 660 pounds, and offers stainless steel hinges. 

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Bring Your Camping to the Next Level

You’ve likely heard of some basic camping tips, like ensuring someone knows where you are and being aware of the area’s hiking terrain. However, there are more advanced hacks that can help you improve your camping experience even further: 

Add Reflective Material to Handheld Items – As stated earlier, darkness is a standard part of camping. Adding reflective material to flashlights or handheld radios can help you quickly find them in limited lighting. 

Always Have an Effective Way to Store Water – You may not always have access to clean water while camping. So make your own arrangements when storing and transporting water. Consider getting a water tank like the WaterPORT 3.85 Gallon Day Tank Kit – SC1000

Garbage Bags Can Come in Handy – Not only can garbage bags allow you to store waste effectively, but they can also help keep you and your clothes dry. Camping sites can be humid. Lining your belongings and sleeping bags with garbage bags can keep you and your items dry. 

We’re here to help you take your camping to the next level. Check out 4 Wheel Parts’ inventory for other camping accessories. Having the right campsite must-haves can ensure your next adventure outdoors goes smoothly.