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Smittybilt GEN2 Overlander Tent - 2583

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  • Smittybilt | Part Number: S/B2583
  • Fitment:Universal Fit
  • Sleep Capacity:3
  • Tent / Accessory:Tent


The all new Generation 2 Smittybilt Overlander Rooftop Tent is designed for the serious travelling adventurer, with just the right combination of ease, comfort, convenience, and durability. The tent sets up in minutes, and gives secure, spacious above-ground sleeping quarters. The tent is completely self-contained, and all bedding and accessories are stored inside the tent during the trip, freeing up critical storage space and providing quick and easy tear down and packing. When you're looking for the ultimate in convenience, security, and comfort, look no further than the Smittybilt Overlander Rooftop Tent!

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5.0 Perfect for my Tacoma short bed

This tent is well built. Construction is high quality. Everything was included to Mount it to my rack. All parts were in the tent. Tent is roomy for 2 people, I could squeeze another small person in. The mattress is thin but comfy enough for camping. I plan on using an additional inflatable pad I have for backpacking. Set up is a breeze. After the second time I’ve figured it out pretty efficiently. MAKE SURE there’s Nothing pinched between the seams of the panels, loose straps or fabric. It took some messing around, the right way to do the ladder is also easy. Just make it shorter from the top rung down. Packing it up is easy too. Fast if there’s 2 of you. If it’s just you, there’s a lot of back & forth from one side to the other. Just watch out for the loose skirt when you’re zipping it up, I got it caught in my zipper & had to struggle to get it free. I also added a long zipper pull so I don’t have to climb over the bed. The one negative thing is the straps to cinch it down are cumbersome. The Velcro plus d rings are hard to undo & put together. I just use the Velcro, & I might change them to metal buckles in the future. It fits over my Tacoma short bed perfectly. I have it so it opens to the back, not the side, but it would fit that way as well. It doesn’t overhang. It also covers the top of the bed well enough to keep big items from anyone trying to grab it, so if you had a bunch of action packers in the bed, they’d be secure.

from Riverside ca |
5.0 Smittybilt GEN2 Overlander Tent - Works for Me

Bought the Gen2 Overlander tent in June and received it in July, just in time for our social distance 2 week adventure to Oregon. During our trip we spent 8 nights in the tent, four different locations, two nights each location. We found the tent was very easy to deploy (10 minutes), and stowing it was fairly simple as well (10-15 minutes). The tent is made with very durable 600D polyester and with the rainfly, it is extremely waterproof. We found ourselves in an epic rain/hail storm at Diamond Lake, OR, and no water got inside the tent. The ladder is very strong and easily adjustable. The cover is very durable and is fastened to the base with a heavy duty zipper, rather than Velcro as I understand the Gen1 version of the tent has. Inside the tent, there are plenty of storage pockets and a VERY bright LED light strip. Just need to bring your own USB power source for the light strip. For me, the only downside to the tent is the mattress that it comes with. This might not be an issue for the younger generations, but it is a bit too thin for we 50+ers. Can't fault Smittybilt for us growing old. Problem solved by purchasing a couple of self inflating foam mattresses. My wife and I have had many tents and done a lot of camping over the years, but the GEN2 Overlander is the first RTT we have ever used/purchased. We purchased it specifically to test on our social distance adventure, and figured that if we did not like it, we would just let our kids take it. Fat chance that is going to happen! We are ready for our next adventure in the GEN2 Overlander! I did a lot of research before pulling the trigger on the GEN2 Overlander, as there are many RTT's on the market. In the end, I gambled on the Smittybilt GEN2 RTT and was not disappointed. This tent has met and exceeded my expectations. As far as value goes, you can't beat the Smittybilt RTT's.

from Flagstaff, AZ |
4.0 Nice tent. Rain fly SUCKS

Took 4 months to get here got to use it September long weekend. It rained. The “improved rain fly Sucks. It just fills up with water and when you climb the ladder to get in it dumps all over you. Other than that it is a solid tent. Great for dry weather. Not the best for rain. The ladder is a much better design over gen1.

from Vancouver Island |
Rain fly filled with water.
Rain fly
5.0 Smittybilt gen 2 rooftop tent.

Great rtt. Easy to assemble and to open and close. Very good construction and excellent materials. Cannot beat the price!!!

from Pasadena, CA |
5.0 Great tent!

Got this tent about a month ago, and it's been a great addition to my camping setup. Straightforward to install, this rooftop tent has been used on all kinds of surfaces, from a paved campground site to very uneven, rocky terrain, and even being parked in a bit of a depression so the tent was only about three feet of the ground, and the adjustable ladder works great. Cozy, well ventilated, and it opens up and packs back down easily. I love that I can fold my double-wide sleeping bag into it, making it a one stop sleeping shop. Thanks, Smittybilt!

from Oregon |
Opened up on a recent full moon campout.
4.0 Smittybilt Gen2 overland tent

Nice roof top tent, it's better than the first gen. The only downside for me is the exhaust opening came riff. The cover came with a zipper, better than the old velcro style with the first gen. They upgrade the ladder too. Good buy.

from Mississauga, Ontario |
5.0 Spot on updates

Excellent the update to this are spot on with fixing older model issues

from Highlands, Texas |
5.0 Gen 2 rtt

I love this tent. Perfect for my needs. The people at 4wp riverside made this happen during Covid and their customer service is always amazing!

from Southern california |

Question & Answers

10 Answered questions

Q: How much does the tent weigh?  Answer this question

A: We just had this tent weighed in the warehouse and it is 138 lbs.

Answered by Kelly from Ohio on 10/09/2020

A: I believe it is 116 pounds.

Answered by Kevin from Overland Park, KS on 09/18/2020

A: 132 pounds

Answered by Adam from Carlsbad Ca on 09/18/2020

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Q: Is the mattress included with it? Answer this question

A: Yep

Answered by J Herr from Southern UT on 11/01/2020

A: Yes. 2.5 inch high density mattress

Answered by Sc7902 from Ky on 10/30/2020

A: Yes - Each tent has the mattress packed in.

Answered by Kelly from 4WP Corporate Headquarters on 10/29/2020

Q: Can this tent be set up to open up to the back instead of to the sides? Answer this question

A: Yes, the instructions include details for both ways.

Answered by tomm on 09/30/2020

A: Absolutely. You can mount it either side or off the back. I have it mounted off the back of my Jeep jku.

Answered by Brad from Florida on 09/28/2020

A: It can open to either side or the back. On my CX-5, however, the hatchback can't open very far at all when it opens to the back so mine is set to open to the passenger side. You might have to experiment a bit before you bolt yours down depending on your vehicle.

Answered by Divinbriand from New Hampshire on 09/27/2020

Q: What is the best rack system for this tent for a 2012 Tacoma with a short bed on it  Answer this question

A: Can't speak to 2nd gen but I have a 3rd gen with the RCI Off-road 12" rack. It will work with yours. 0 issues and install was easy. I'm a bigger guy and the rack works great.

Answered by Beau on 11/17/2020

A: Works with all racks, one isn’t necessarily better than the other. It depends on the features and benefits of a rack that your looking for.

Answered by Kelly from 4WP Corporate Headquarters on 11/16/2020

Q: Can I mount a rooftop tent directly on my Mopar cross rails of my Rail Trail system in the bed of my new Jeep Gladiator? Or do I need to also add an aftermarket truck bed rack system? Answer this question

A: You will need a bed rack system or a rack system rated for heavier loads for almost all rooftop tent systems. 

Answered by Pete from Calgary, AB on 11/01/2020

A: You can use 2-1/2" lag bolts through tent into your jeeps roof. Same bolts can be used to fix doors falling off..common issue found on jeep.

Answered by Phil from Alberta on 11/01/2020


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