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01 2020 Ford F 250 Lifted Camping

Outdoor Adventure and Overland Buyer’s Guide

4WP Can Help You Make The Most Of Your Summer!

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If you’re like most Americans, you’re more than likely tired of being cooped up in 2020! You’re probably just itching to get outdoors this summer. Your open-air adventure is certainly simplified with access to a 4×4, but 4WP can make your summertime fun easier and more comfortable than ever with any number of aftermarket products that you can pick up at your local store or have shipped directly to your front door. The following is a list of gear and upgrades you can’t miss out on, all of which will help turn your summer enjoyment up to eleven.

02 ARB Steel Roof Rack Basket

What: ARB Steel Roof Rack Basket

Why You Need It: The painful reality is that you can never fit all the gear you want into your 4×4. An ARB roof rack will help you get some of that gear out of the way and up top. A roof rack is perfect for items that you don’t want inside the vehicle such as shovels, firewood, gas cans and so on. Several different versions, sizes and mounts are available to fit your specific 4×4.    

Price: $499-$1,000

03 Smittybilt Scout Adventure Trailer

What: Smittybilt Scout Adventure Trailer

Why You Need It: Looking for a towable off-road base camp that you can set up and leave once you get where you are going? The Smittybilt Scout Adventure Trailer might be just what you need. Many different accessories are available to customize your trailer, including a rooftop tent, a 12-volt fridge and even a generator.

Price: $7,599

04 Wavian Steel Gas Can Spout

What: Wavian Steel Gas Can With Spout

Why You Need It: With all the government requirements put on fuel cans, it’s hard to find one that actually works and doesn’t spill fuel all over the place when bouncing down the trail or when you use it. The Wavian gas can with spout is a leak-proof 5.3-gallon steel fuel can. Wavian has supplied many NATO countries with these fuel cans for over 75 years. They are said to be the highest quality jerry cans on the market today.  

Price: $79.99

05 Bubba Rope Renegade Recovery Strap

What: Bubba Rope Renegade Recovery Rope

Why You Need It: Every 4×4 should have a recovery rope or strap. The Bubba Rope Renegade recovery rope is 3/4-inch by 20 feet long with a breaking strength of 19,000 pounds. The rope stretch helps provide more kinetic pulling power than a flat web strap, making the Renegade the perfect tool for safely snatching Jeeps and light trucks from mud, sand or snow. The military camo green rope comes with a mesh duffel bag and a camo Velcro wrap for storage. A 30-foot Renegade rope is also available.

Price: $139.00

06 Smittybilt Trail Farm Jack

What: Smittybilt 54-Inch Trail Jack

Why You Need It: Raised 4x4s with bigger tires usually need more lift than the factory jack can provide when changing a tire or making trail repairs. The Smittybilt 54-inch trail jack can make raising your off-roader an easy task. The versatility of the jack allows it to be used for vehicle recovery too. Optional brackets are available to safely mount the Smittybilt 54-inch trail jack in several ways.

Price: $72.99

07 Trasharoo Spare Tire Trash Garbage Bag

What: Trasharoo Spare Tire Trash Bag

Why You Need It: Nobody wants gross leaky and stinky garbage on the inside of their SUV. That’s where the Trasharoo comes in. It conveniently hangs off of nearly any rear mounted spare tire and safely hauls your garbage back to civilization where it can be properly disposed of. Each Trasharoo bag is capable of holding 50 pounds. They are made from high-quality 900-denier canvas, feature a water resistant interior coating and have double-stitched buckles and straps. The Trasharoo is available in black, green and tan.  

Price: $48.99

08 Warn ZEON 8 S Recovery 8000 Pound Winch Spydura Synthetic Rope

What: Warn ZEON 8-S Recovery 8000-Pound Winch With Spydura Synthetic Rope

Why You Need It: If you plan on off-roading on more advanced trails, then you or one of your buddies will eventually get stuck. An electric recovery winch like the Warn ZEON 8-S with Spydura synthetic rope can keep you and your buddies moving along no matter how tough the going gets. The Warn ZEON 8-S features 100 feet of 3/8-inch rope, a remote with a 12-foot lead, an aluminum hawse fairlead and a limited lifetime warranty.

Price: $1,288.99

09 Pro Comp AT Sport All Terrain Tire

What: Pro Comp Tires

Why You Need It: Don’t roll around looking like a chump with bald tires on your off-roader. If your 4×4 needs new rolling stock and you need a great price to get it done, Pro Comp has you covered with enough different sizes and tread designs to keep everyone happy. Plus, right now you can also save up to $300 on a set of four Pro Comp tires. Get some tread and traction back in your tires before the summer sale ends.  

Price: $156.99-$511.99

10 4 Wheel Parts Factory T series S Series Wheels

What: 4WP Factory T-Series and S-Series Wheels

Why You Need It: Tired of your grungy outdated and faded wheels, or maybe you just want a new look for your 4×4. The crew at 4WP has you covered with an all-new aluminum 4WP Factory wheel lineup. The T-Series Wheels are go anywhere wheels worthy of even the most aggressive off-roaders, while the S-Series wheels are street style wheels that provide a clean look for truck and Jeep owners stepping up to a larger tire. Several finishes are available in all of the popular lug patterns.  

Price: $189.99-$199.99

11 Rough Country Wheel Spacers Adapters

What: Rough Country Wheel Spacers

Why You Need It: Sometimes you’ll want tires that are just a tad too big for your 4×4. This leads to tire rub, especially when turning. Fortunately, a little trimming and a set of Rough Country wheel spacers may be all you need to gain some extra tire clearance. You can also add desirable track width and increase the stability, or you can adapt wheels with a different lug pattern to your 4×4. They are available in popular widths and lug patterns and can also provide wheel and brake caliper clearance where needed.   

Price: $39.95-$99.95

12 Pro Comp SS 6 Universal Switch Panel

What: Pro Comp SS-6 Universal Switch Panel

Why You Need It: Modern 4×4 dashboards usually don’t offer a lot of unused real estate, and taking the dash apart to install aftermarket electrical accessory switches can be a daunting and time consuming task. The Pro Comp SS-6 universal stitch panel solves all of these issues. The six-way switch panel features an illuminated aluminum and glass touch screen that can be mounted wherever you like. It comes with an IP67 waterproof rating and includes a control box, wiring harness, touch screen panel, LED voltmeter, 24 laser engraved switch stickers, accessory bag and an instruction manual. Adding electrical accessories to your 4×4 couldn’t be easier!

Price: $256.99

13 4x4 Suspension Leveling Kit

What: Suspension Leveling Kit

Why You Need It: Most 4x4s come from the factory with the nose down. While this helps improve fuel economy, it doesn’t do much for the looks of your ride. With a leveling kit you can level out the stance of your 4×4 and even fit larger than stock tires when you’re done. That’s a win-win! Leveling kits are typically the least expensive and easiest of all lift kits to install and they are available for most popular 4×4 makes and models.  

Price: From $29.95

14 Ranch Hand Midnight 2020 Ford F 250 Front Bumper

What: Ranch Hand Front Bumper

Why You Need It: If you need a front bumper for your truck or SUV that shows you mean business and that you don’t intend to get pushed around, then the Ranch Hand bumper line is for you. Front bumpers made by Ranch Hand completely replace a truck’s weak factory tin bumper, providing superior protection for the frontend. Several different styles are available to fit many different trucks. Each heavy-duty Ranch Hand bumper is handmade right here in the USA!

Price: From $1,032.00

What: Tailgater Tire Table

Why You Need It: It’s often difficult to find space to store a traditional table in your camp and adventure 4×4, but the compact Tailgater Tire Table simplifies table storage and setup. The 23×29-inch travel table uses a vehicle tire for its main support, so it’s stable regardless of the ground conditions. It comes with a retractable leg for extra support and fits most tire sizes. The Tire Table installs within seconds without the use of tools and it weighs in at under 12 pounds.

Price: $139.95

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