Photography: Craig Perronne

If you are into Jeeps, you’re probably familiar with Currie Enterprises. Founded by family patriarch Frank Currie in 1959, the then-fledgling company started by working out of Frank’s garage. In the late 1970s, Frank’s three sons Charlie, John and Ray entered into the ever-growing business. Avid off-roaders, the sons expanded the business by building better axle assemblies for Jeeps. Today, Currie Enterprises is well known for its RockJock series of axles, some of the stoutest axles you can throw under a Jeep.

As a third generation Currie, it’s no surprise that Casey Currie is into Jeeps as well. After all, he has been driving them since a very early age with grandpa Frank working the pedals and Casey sawing at the wheel. And when we say Casey is into Jeeps, we mean he is really into Jeeps. He races a Jeep-bodied short course truck, built a crazy IFS Jeep prerunner, and recently built a bad-ass Jeep Trophy Truck. His collection of Jeeps always seems to be growing.

Another thing that’s growing is Casey’s family. Once you have kids, you quickly realize there is lots of stuff to bring along anytime you venture outside the house. Strollers, diaper bags, toys, extra clothes…the list goes on and on. There is a reason why minivans are so popular among families. All that space is needed, and gets gobbled up pretty quickly by all that stuff.

Of course, Casey Currie doesn’t do minivans. So what is a Jeep addict with a need for some extra space for the family to do? Naturally, the solution was to build another Jeep – and not any ordinary Jeep. If you’ve seen Casey’s other builds, you know they are always unique and definitely turn heads.

To create the ultimate family truckster, Currie started off with a 2016 Jeep JK Unlimited. It was then cut, stretched and fitted with a Bruiser Conversions truck bed. A custom hardtop finished off the conversion of the JK from a four-door Jeep to a crew cab truck. A whole host of other hardcore parts were added, giving it plenty of capability in any terrain. The result is not only a Jeep truck that the whole family and plenty of gear can fit in, but one that can make it up any trail. Growing up with a 4×4 this cool, we are pretty sure the newest generation of Curries will be into Jeeps too.