There are a gazillion reasons why you should have a bug deflector on your truck. The simple reason is you spent a buttload of money on your truck and want to protect it. Nothing feels worse than getting that first ding in the door or chip in the hood. You can’t always prevent door dings do to other people who are idiots and couldn’t care less if they damage your truck.

Lots of things can cause paint damage to the front of your truck, especially the hood. Here are the top 5 reasons to put a bug deflector on your truck or SUV:

1. Bug deflectors block pebbles and small rocks from pelting the front of your hood when thrown by tires of other cars, trucks and 18-wheelers while driving on the highway.

2. Bug shields minimize damage from sleet and hail.

3. Bug shields protect against small road debris Hood shields minimize damage from salt on winter roads hitting your hood.

4. Bug shields divert air OVER your cab and minimize the number of bugs and small debris that hit your windshield.

5. Almost any of these things can be hurled at your shiny new truck while driving. Throw in a windy day and highway speeds and the force of the impact is amplified. 

Once the paint is chipped, you now have the potential for rust, not to mention it looks like someone took a BB gun to your hood. Repainting your hood is one option. 4 Wheel Parts sells custom hoods so we know what it costs to paint one. Most reputable shops charge between $325 – $450 to repaint the hood of a full size truck. That’s a pretty expensive repair for some tiny little chips. Even if you get the chips, repaint your hood, you’re right back in the same boat. No protection!

However, you can control the dents and dings on your hood and some chips in the windshield. There are 2 ways to protect your nose without damaging your ride. A bug shield (or bug deflector / hood deflector as some people call them), or a clear bra (clear Mylar tape that is custom cut so your vehicle) are easy fixes for this problem all vehicles face.

Bug shields sold by 4 Wheel Parts protect your truck or SUV in several ways:

99% of them install with no drilling
Ours are high quality and are car wash safe.
Most wrap around the front corners of the vehicle to protect the front of the fenders
Depending on the design, most redirect the air flow upward to direct small pebbles, bugs, etc. up and OVER the cab (hence the name “bug deflector”). This protects both your hood and windshield from expensive dings
Bug deflectors from 4WP are very cost effective, costing well under the $100 or more that dealerships charge
Bug shields at 4WP carry a lifetime warranty. Even if a rock cracks it, 4WP will replace it.

Paint protection film (PPF) is another option for protecting the front of your truck or SUV. PPF is made of an industrial mylar tape that is custom cut to the shape of your year, make and model of vehicle. These nearly invisible paint protection films apply directly to your paint without glues or any damaging chemicals.

Paint protection films look awesome and have been used in the high end market for nearly a decade (think Porsche, Mercedes, Ferarri, etc.) But they are now available to us blue collar types at an affordable price.

4 Wheel Parts invested in the equipment, supplies and materials to do this in house for our loyal customers.