The Diesel Brothers are known for doing big things and building even bigger trucks. Builds like the Mega Ram Runner, the BroDozer, the F-650 Super Truck, and the Kodiak Monster all turn heads wherever they go. When the Diesel Brothers teamed up with 4WP, we knew that big things would be on the horizon. And, the Diesel Brothers didn’t disappoint. Instead of going the “large and in charge” route like some of their other builds, the Diesel Brothers wanted to add functionality too. The goal was to have a truck that could still tow, haul, and drive down the trail or the freeway. Of course, it had to all do this while looking great and getting lots of attention as well. The result of their efforts is the badass US Duramax 2.0 seen here. We would say that they have definitely succeeded.

Unique to the Diesel Brothers’ builds is that many of them are given away, and that includes the US Duramax 2.0. While the contest to win the US Duramax 2.0 is over, the winner will be announced on Monday, May 27 during Monster Jump Live on the Discovery Channel. Just what exactly is Monster Jump Live? It is live coverage of the Diesel Brothers’ attempt to jump a flying airplane with the BroDozer monster truck. Todd LeDuc will also try to pull off doing a high-speed front flip in his monster truck. And, as if all of that wasn’t enough, Tanner Godfrey will attempt to break the world record by jumping his UTV more than 200 feet. If all of that doesn’t get you to tune in, then we have no idea what would.

Check our latest video series The Rundown for a look at the Diesel Brothers’ US Duramax 2.0. And make sure to tune into the Discovery Channel at 8 pm on this Memorial Day to see it given away and witness the mayhem.