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The Bestop Supertop Ultra

A Versatile And Premium Top For The Jeep Wrangler JK

Soft tops and Jeeps go together like peanut butter and jelly. The whole point of owning a Jeep is to take the top off and enjoy warmer weather and the great outdoors. But going completely topless can leave you a bit too exposed to the elements. The sun constantly beating down on you eventually gets old. And, you are at the mercy of any inclement weather that might pop up. Both you and your Jeep getting drenched by a surprise summer thunderstorm is never fun.

A soft top perfectly bridges the sizeable gap between a hardtop and no top. With a soft top installed, you can easily enjoy warmer temperatures. If bad weather rolls in, putting the top up and windows in is easy. You get the best of both worlds and can easily transition between the protection of a full top and the open-air feel of running without one.

Lots of people know the benefits of a soft top. The coming of warmer temperatures has countless Jeep owners ditching their hardtops in favor of a soft one. Once summer begins to fade into fall, they go through the somewhat painful ritual of putting their hardtops back on.

With Bestop’s new Supertop Ultra, you no longer have to go through the hassle of putting your hardtop back on. A premium top, the Ultra is built to live on a Jeep year-round. The Supertop Ultra is also extremely versatile as it can operate in four positions. It can be configured as a fully enclosed soft top, with just the Sunrider open, a Safari-style bikini top or fully open. And, with its gas struts and unique design, switching between these is easier than ever. Let’s check out the details on Bestop’s newest top.

The Supertop Ultra uses 30-oz. triple-layer Premium Twill fabric that is said to have superior durability over other Jeep soft tops. The material is smooth, wrinkle-free, softer, and has excellent cold-weather performance.

The enhanced Sunrider on the Supertop Ultra is huge. Instead of just covering the front area, it opens up much bigger to allow all the passengers of the Jeep to enjoy the sunshine. 

If the sun gets too much for you, the Supertop Ultra can turn into a Safari-style bikini top. All it takes to get there is removing the rear windows and you get some shade along with an open-air experience. 

The top can also be run fully open to enjoy those perfect summer days. The speed and ease the Supertop Ultra can fully open is what separates it from other tops. Check out the video below for a better look at how it operates. 

Like Bestop’s other tops, removing the windows is a simple affair. A combination of zipperless channels and zippers makes the windows easy to remove or install.

The most significant innovation on the Supertop Ultra is the incorporation of gas struts and its unique track system. They allow the top to open easily with just one hand.

Take a look at the video below to check out the Bestop Supertop Ultra in action and better understand how easy it is to use.

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