If you’ve been behind the wheel of a 2007-18 Jeep Wrangler JK on a blacked out night with the factory halogen headlights, then you likely know they rival the dull yellow lumen output of a candle-powered miners helmet from the 1800s. Of course, some lucky JK buyers were able to opt for the factory LED headlights available on 2017-18 JK models. With such weak headlights on most Jeep JKs, it’s no wonder that the JK single-handedly fueled the aftermarket add-on LED light and bolt-on light bracket industry. Fortunately, there are easy ways to light up the life of your JK on- and off-road without the complexity and increased wind resistance that some aftermarket add-on lights offer. The problem mainly stems from the less than stellar H13 bulbs stuffed into the headlights of the JK grille and an outdated headlight design.

Light is often defined by color temperature and measured in Kelvin. A color temperature of 5,000-6,000 Kelvin most closely resembles sunlight. This is where the human eye sees best. The factory JK halogen lights function at around 3,000 Kelvin so you can see why visibility would be limited. There are several options when it comes to JK headlight upgrades. The easiest headlight upgrade involves merely swapping out the H13 headlight bulbs for something brighter with a whiter light. This can be accomplished with higher-quality halogen bulbs or LED replacement bulbs. You can also convert the JK headlights to H4 bulbs and housings. The most expensive, but usually brightest option, involves completely replacing the factory halogen bulbs and light housings with an LED headlight conversion. The right JK light upgrade for you will depend on your budget and personal preference. Before you go adding extra lights to your JK, we would start with the headlights.