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Seat Covers for Pet Owners: Protecting Your Seats from Fur, Scratches & Stains

As every pet owner knows, there’s nothing better than being able to take your adorable companion everywhere with you. An adventure isn’t a proper adventure unless you have your sidekick beside you at all times. Car rides are much more enjoyable if you have your pet with you, but as great as that is, it does take its toll on the interior and, specifically, the seats.

Keeping your vehicle’s interior neat and tidy is a challenge if you have a furry friend, especially if your pet has a long coat or it sheds often. Fortunately, there are steps you can do to prevent getting fur, scratches, and stains on your seats. That way, you’ll be able to keep your vehicle’s interior in a much better shape overall.

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Protect Your Seats from Fur, Scratches & Stains

As much as we love our pets, they’re still animals, and they don’t understand the concept of not drooling, shedding fur, or even scratching the upholstery with their claws (or paws). You can’t get mad at them for that, but what you can do is take preventative steps to ensure interior damage and deterioration are kept to a minimum.

The easiest thing you can do to stop fur and stains from getting all over your seats is to buy and install seat covers. By acting as a protective shield, seat covers safeguard your seat’s cloth or leather upholstery from accidental scratches and stains. 

Most quality seat covers will be able to withstand the wear and tear caused by pets thanks to their durable construction. The best thing about seat covers isn’t that they just protect the seat, but that they can be easily taken out and cleaned as well. Instead of cleaning the interior for hours on end, you can take out the seat cover occasionally and clean it or wash it, saving you a ton of hassle. 

Seat covers are great because they’ll also keep mud and other debris from getting inside gaps in the seat itself, thus keeping your seats nice and clean regardless of what puddle of mud your pet decided to explore that day. 


Different Types of Seat Covers

Seat covers for pet owners come in a variety of shapes and sizes, catering to different needs and preferences, as well as types of pets. Here are some of the most popular types, but do keep in mind that some seat covers can combine several of these attributes in one neat package.

Waterproof Seat Covers

As the name would imply, waterproof seat covers are typically constructed from neoprene or polyester, making them water-repellent. They offer amazing protection from spills, drooling, and wet paws. These covers are specifically designed to repel liquids and prevent them from seeping into your seats’ fabric. They’re also easy to clean and wash out.

Padded Seat Covers

Padded (or quilted) seat covers offer extra comfort for your pet thanks to an extra layer of padding. They’re great if you find yourself taking long journeys with your furry companion since that extra bit of comfort will really come in handy. They’re also more resistant to scratching because they’re much thicker overall.

Hammock Seat Covers

Arguably the most popular seat covers for pets, hammock-style seat covers create a safe and secure spot for your pet by extending over the rear seats and forming a barrier between the front and back seats of your vehicle. They essentially create a little hammock space that extends from the back of the front seats all the way to the rear seats.

This design prevents your pet from falling into the rear footwell and it keeps them neatly confined to the backseat. Hammock covers are extremely beneficial for larger breeds of dogs and for more energetic dogs who want space to move around during the car ride.

Cargo Liner

Cargo liners cover the cargo area of your vehicle, creating a secure area for your pet to sit and stand in. If you have multiple dogs and you need to transport them in the cargo area, the cargo liner will keep your vehicle clean and fur-free.

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Installation Process for Different Jeep Models

The installation process for seat covers varies greatly depending on the type of seat cover, as well as your Jeep model. Generally speaking though, car seat covers for dogs are easy to install and don’t require a great deal of knowledge or DIY skills. While specific steps might differ, here are some general guidelines.

Clean the Seats

Before you install your brand-new seat covers, make sure to thoroughly clean and vacuum them to remove any dirt, debris, or pet hair that’s already there. This will help keep the seat covers nice and flat, and make the installation process easier.

Read the Instructions

If your seat covers come with an instruction manual, carefully read it first to find out how to properly secure and attach them. Most manufacturers provide detailed guidelines and tips for installation specific to their particular products.

Adjust and Secure the Covers

Most seat covers are universal and will fit almost any vehicle, so the most important thing you need to do is position them correctly and align them with the seat contours and the headrests. If your seat covers have adjustable zippers or Velcro straps, securely attach them to the seat to prevent them from shifting around.

Extra Comfort for Yourself and Your Pet

Although the primary objective of the seat covers is to protect your cabin upholstery, they also add an extra layer of comfort for your pet. Many seat covers come with extra features to make your pet’s life that little bit easier.

Padded Cushions

Seat covers that have additional padded cushions are excellent at offering even more comfort for your pet, especially during longer or bumpier drives. If you frequently take your pet with you on off-roading adventures, a car seat protector with padded cushions would make for a great investment. 

Non-Slip Surfaces

To ensure your pet’s safety, consider buying seat covers that feature non-slip surfaces. This will prevent your pet from sliding or slipping around during sudden stops or sharp turns. Since pets rely on their paws for stability and grip, having something that they can latch onto would really mean a great deal to them.

Seat Belt Openings

Some seat covers specifically designed for pet owners come with seat belt openings that will allow you to secure your pet using a harness or a seat belt restraint. If you like to have your pet buckled in instead of moving around, look out for a seat cover with a seat belt opening.

Whether you’ve got a small pet like a Jack Russell Terrier, or a large one, like a Great Dane, a quality seat cover is something you should definitely consider if you value your pet’s comfort, as well as your vehicle’s interior. Pet seat covers come in all shapes and sizes, and as this article outlined above, you can find the perfect match for your specific needs and requirements.