Summer is the perfect time to own a Jeep. Actually, all year is but summer is great for blowing the doors off your Jeep and taking off the top. The weather is warm and the days are long. It is time to get out of the cubicle farm and enjoy the great outdoors. And, there is no better vehicle to do that in than a Jeep. It is America’s only four-door convertible and it can go doorless too. There is literally no other vehicle like it.

Going sans doors does have some drawbacks though. On the trail branches can come inside your Jeep and smack you. Those wide tires can kick up mud, gravel, or other debris whether you are on the road of off of it. And, it can be hard to keep limbs inside if you happen to flop your Jeep on its side. That is why a set of tube doors makes sense. They offer some additional protection without taking away from that sweet open-air feeling.

There are a ton of door options for the Jeep JK, but we hadn’t seen any for the newer JL. That was until we came across the new Rugged Ridge Tube Doors for the Jeep JL. The new doors use a mixture of 50mm OD steel tubing and sturdy 12-gauge plate making them stand out from doors that only use tube. They are then finished off in a textured black powder coat for a very clean and aggressive look. A feature we are thankful for are the high-quality rotary latches with rubber bumpers to keep the doors secure and rattle free. If you have ever driven off-road with rattling tube doors then you know it is enough to drive anyone insane. Installation is said to be simple with fully adjustable hinge pins that perfectly match to the factory JL hinges. With summer just around the corner, they make for the perfect upgrade to your shiny new Jeep JL.