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Rear Bumper Sensors & Backup Cameras: Advancements in Parking Assistance

Remember when you could only rely on side mirrors, your own eyes, and guesstimation while parking? Fortunately, today’s technology advancements with exterior parking camera rear systems, front and rear park assist, and backup car sensors can help you avoid colliding with a car or obstacle. 

There are many products out there that can help you have a much safer car ride. So, what new advancements have these technologies led to in the automotive industry? How can they help you ensure a safer ride? Check out what’s new in parking assistance technology. 

03 2009 Jeep Unlimited Rear

Parking Assistance Technology

Many of today’s vehicles don’t just guide you in parking; some can even do it for you. Newer cars may have front and back up car sensors, which allow you to park more easily in different spaces. These sensors work hand-in-hand with front and rear park assist technologies to detect structures and cars and automatically park to avoid and create space within these areas. Ultimately, there are various ways that parking assistance technology can show up in your vehicle. 

Some cars only have partial parking assistance. This is where you still control the acceleration and speed of the vehicle. Others offer autonomous parking assistance, where the car completely takes over the parking action. However, you are always able to override the action if needed. 

Other more advanced vehicles can park the car for you without you being inside and even come to find you once you’re ready. 

Many newer model cars offer more advanced autonomous options. Automakers like Tesla and even General Motors have experimented with this technology. 

02 Land Rover Discovery Off Road

Ability to Detect Obstacles

Those front and back up car sensors don’t just help with front and rear park assist. They can also keep you from getting into an accident while driving. This technology typically works at slower speeds and can detect slow-moving or stationary objects while in drive mode. In some cases, the technology could even automatically brake your car if needed. 

This type of technology is also helpful for facilitating autonomous car technologies. These sensors are crucial in keeping autonomous cars from colliding with structures, including other vehicles. They might use a blend of cameras, radar, and sensors to help navigate through obstacles to prevent collisions.  

03 2021 Jeep Grand Wagoneer Concept Rear

Clear Visibility & Reduced Blind Spots

Again, most newer car models have made it so that you no longer have to rely on mirrors and your own eyes. Parking assistance advancements like exterior parking camera rear systems can give you a clear view of the area around you, especially when backing out parking spaces. 

While backup cameras are one of the most crucial parts of reducing those blind spots, they work in tandem with sensors. 

These devices can detect objects nearby and offer a warning sound or light to help you avoid damaging your car. You can even get some security in knowing that it can prevent accidents with other cars. Some vehicles come with a rear cross-traffic alert feature. This system detects cars, so even if you do not see a car coming your way, the system will notice the vehicle and keep you from colliding with them. 

So, which cars can you look forward to having this technology? You’ll definitely find newer car models with backup cameras. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) made these items mandatory on vehicles produced in May 2018 and onward. However, you may still find these tools on older cars. Some older luxury cars were ahead of the curve by including exterior parking cameras in the rear. 

So, it’s possible to find a 2010 model from a high-end brand like Acura or Lexus that includes a rear camera. However, if that isn’t the case, know there are also aftermarket options for installing a backup camera. 

You could install a dash cam that is fed views from a rear camera. While you might not get the sensors and notifications about nearby obstacles or vehicles, you can still expand your visibility with an aftermarket camera. 

04 2021 Ford Bronco Black Diamond 2 Door Rear

Enhanced Safety & Convenience

Have these parking assistance advancements made a difference in the number of accidents? Studies have shown that they have. A look at police-reported crashes in 22 states between 2009 and 2014 revealed that rearview cameras reduced vehicle crashes by 17% overall. Individuals 70 and older saw an increase in reductions at 36%, while drivers below 70 only saw 16%. 

Adding rear parking assist technologies had an even greater impact on backing accidents. According to a study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the combination of both rear backing cameras and rear parking assist decreased backing collisions by 42%. Additionally, when both technologies and automatic braking were included, backing crash rates were 78% lower than those who didn’t have any three of the systems. 

It’s proven that these tools can significantly increase driver safety and diminish the chance of damaging your vehicle. 

Here are some additional ways these technologies increase safety and convenience: 

  • You’ll have an easier time parking – Whether you’re parallel parking or trying to back out of a parking space, having to strain your neck and eyes to ensure you’re not hitting anyone is a thing of the past. Granted, you should always manually check to ensure you are parking correctly, but these technologies can shorten the process and give you more confidence. 
  • They allow you to watch for pets and children – Back up cameras can ensure that you compromise the safety of pets or children not in your sightline. 
  • Those in larger vehicles can have better lines of sight – Sometimes, those SUVs or trucks can make it a challenge to back up or park your car safely. An exterior parking camera in the rear and sensors can help you park confidently, even in a bigger vehicle.

If you need an aftermarket back up camera or dash cam, we’ve got options for you. Check out our inventory to find the best parking assist products for your vehicle. That extra equipment can help you avoid accidents and enhance your safety as a driver.