It is no secret that we are fans of the Jeep Gladiator. Adding a truck bed to the Jeep Wrangler platform seems so right. Of course, the Gladiator has it haters just like the four-door Wrangler Unlimited did when it first came out. But the decision to add more doors to the Wrangler was the right one. We expect the same to prove true for the decision to make the Gladiator.

While we do love the Gladiator, it is not perfect. In stock form it is too low to the ground, and the long wheelbase only makes it worse. In our time in the dirt with the JT, we regularly scrapped its belly on the trail. It was a more common occurrence than dragging the rear bumper. The good news is that the flaw is nothing a lift and bigger tires won’t solve. And, new lifts for the Gladiator are coming out every day, so there are plenty of options out there.

Getting the Gladiator higher off the ground is a good thing for break-over and departure angles. The only drawback is that your Gladiator is now harder to get into. N-Fab can solve this dilemma with its new line of steps for the Jeep JT. They offer protection for the rocker area of the Gladiator along with a handy step. The N-Fab steps are available in five different styles. The Epyx has a sleek, modern look while the Nerf Step gives off more of a traditional vibe. N-Fab’s RKR Step System is a tubular rail that uses detachable steps to maximize clearance. The Podium uses stainless steel construction and fits high and tight to the body. Another modern-looking option is the all-aluminum Predator Pro. All of them making getting into the Gladiator an easier affair.