There is nothing worse than hearing a rock bounce off the paint of your brand new truck. That horrible pinging sound usually means at least a chip in the paint. In a worst-case scenario there can even be a small dent. Throw a lift and some larger tires on and this dinging can become a regular occurrence. It happens enough on the highway, but venture into the dirt and things get way worse.

That is why fender flares make a lot of sense. They offer additional coverage of wider and larger tires keeping rocks, mud, and anything else that can get chucked up by tires off of that shiny paint job. On top of this, they also add a more aggressive look to any vehicle. Installing them is a breeze too making it a win-win situation.

When it comes to fender flares one of the best-known names is Bushwacker. Around for over 50 years, Bushwacker was the original innovator of the fender flare. Of course, a lot has changed in that time. Everything from the materials used in fender flares to the vehicles they go on are now entirely different.

Bushwacker has kept up by continually evolving its products and styles. One of its latest is the new DRT Style Fender Flare. It uses the same Dura-Flex 2000 ABS material as Bushwacker’s other flares. That material is UV-resistant, doesn’t crack or warp, and comes in a matte black finish. It can also be painted to match your vehicle. The DRT Style flares offer a unique vented design making them stand out from Bushwacker’s other offerings. The sleek look is a perfect match for modern vehicles. And, best of all, DRT fender flares give an additional three inches of tire coverage protecting both your paint and your vehicle.